Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emotional Eating

Or should I say the "The Lack There-of".

I actually an emotional UN-eater. When I get really upset, I don't eat.

It can be frustrating....the lack of an appetite & the upsetness in the pit of the stomach serves a reminder of what I'm upset about in the first place.

My dietitian recommends eating at least a protein bar so that you don't lose out on too many nutrients...

What are you? Emotional eater? Non-eater? even keeler eater?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Inspiration

"Discipline is remembering what you want" ~ David Campbell

Friday, December 4, 2009

Green, Yellow, Red

I read this article months ago and knew that I would implement the ideas to help me keep off the weight when I got to goal.

The article talks of tips learned from a study in the New England Journal of Medicien. Dr. Rena Wing states that “If you want to keep lost pounds off, daily weighing is critical. But stepping on a scale isn’t enough. You have to use that information to change your behavior, whether than means eating less or walking more. Paying attention to weight — and taking quick action if it creeps up — seems to be the secret to success.”

****I took that as regular monitoring of my weight will be critical as I move into maintenance. (Not sure just how often that will be for me...daily/weekly/monthly. I'm thinking weekly.)

Women in the study had to maintain their weight to within five pounds. They were also introduced to a color-based weight-monitoring system to do so. Women who remained within three pounds of their starting weight fell into the “green zone. Gaining between three and four pounds landed women in the “yellow zone” and prompted them to tweak their eating and exercise habits. Women who gained five pounds or more landed them in the “red zone,” and prompted them to restart active weight-loss efforts.

***For me, my green zone will be 130 to 135 pounds. My yellow zone will be 136 to 137pounds. My red zone will be 138+. I think it's important to on stop small gains as soon as possible. I haven't always done that in the past and it's just too easy to get off track.


It's a lovely feeling to be back in the 130s...It's been a long time coming....

I was going to say 6 months (since that's when I really got serious and truly got focused). But honestly, it's been all of 2009, 2008, and half of 2007, since I was in the 130s. So, maybe I should say it took me 2 and 1/2 years.

I initially set my weight loss goal between 130 to 135. But as I moved through the 140s, I began to think that 135 would be my new lowest low (does that make sense?)goal weight. Now that I am almost there, I think that 130 is where I want to be at.

For the last several weeks, I had been thinking that when I got to 135 I would move into maintenance and if the extra pounds fell off they fell off when they fell off. But, now I think I will work to get to 130 and then go into maintenance. I hoping to reach that by the first of January...We'll see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Inspiration: A True Story...Happened This Morning...

Watching a blind man use his cane to find his way to the treadmill by me, jump on, & run (faster than me). No excuses...Find a way and make it work.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work It Girl

"You're losing weight" my cousin told me.

"You can tell?" I said. (I had my winter coat on afterall).

"Yep. Work It Girl"

That certainly made my day. I've been working hard. He also told me that I didn't need to lose any weight about 20 pounds ago. "Men want some meat on the bones".

One day months ago, I was having a pity party (kinda embarrassing to admit). I thought to the rate I'm losing weight, it'll be cold and I won't even be able to see the progress I've made...bulky sweaters, heavy coats, and scarves. Anyways, I was wrong....I can see the progress I've made...even in my coats, sweaters, etc. For example, I can actually zip up a pair of boots I bought last year ALL the way up over my calves!

My dietitian mentioned to me months ago that people probably won't notice the changes made until 15 or more pounds later. That certainly has held true. Except for those in my closest circle (my mom, workout partner, sister, and trainer), people didn't say anything about my weight loss until 20 lbs down.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Popcorn's Dirty Secret

OKAY...if you didn't know that movie popcorn was not the best for you...You had to be a dummy....

Saw that article and found that interesting because last night I read an article about how AMC movie theatre is banning outside food (and working on making more options available).

CONFESSION: we regularly brought in outside food and snacks to the theatres along w/ eating the popcorn.

But, since, I've been working on snacking smarter I bring outside food with the sole purpose to eat better. The healthy options are just not there.

Anywhoo, AMC's ban won't stop me from bringing snacks...What are going to do? Search and confiscate items from my purse? LOL...

Latest HBCU Trend? Healthy Grades & Bodies

First Read about this on Paula's blog which I just love.

LU of PA is forcing students with a BMI of 30 or greater to attend a health class or not graduate. (30 and above is considered obese). It's got bloggers & news outlets going nuts even garnering international attention.

I support Lincoln U of PA making moves to have healthier students, but I feel that ALL students should have to go through the classes. Blacks suffer from disporpotionate numbers of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, etc...In part due to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. All students should have the tools to live healthily. Your BMI alone is not necessarily an indicator of healthy eating & exercising habits.

Unfortunately, too many college campuses have far too little choices for healthy eating. I wonder how many choices Lincoln U - PA has?

There is enough challenges to being a new grad looking for employment add to that the challenge of being black & overweight. I can not blame Lincoln for wanting their students to have one less hurdle.

I'm a HBCU grad of the Lincoln University of Missouri. So, I love what this HBCU is doing, and hope others implement it too. But, with a focus on all students not just some.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Inspiration

Continued effort, continued success

(from the Maintenance chapter of 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan by Joy Bauer)

My Mission for 2010: Keeping the Weight Off

I loved this part of the article, Dieting Dilemna: Keeping Off the Weight,

"You must find the balance -- in diet, in exercise -- that maintains your new weight, without having extra weight creep back on," says Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, MD/LD, director of nutrition for the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic.

Your mission: "If you can keep the weight off for one full year, you've gone through every birthday, every holiday," Zelman tells WebMD. "You have figured out how to do it and proven you can keep it off."

So that will be my mission for 2010. Find the balance to keep the weight off...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not Taking Life For Granted

One day towards the end of the September, I went for a run & woke up the next morning in pain. I was to leave for the airport for a business trip in just very soon and was about 2 and 1/2 weeks away from participating in my first 5k.

I couldn't get in to see a doctor on my trip...We were at a remote location & had a very busy schedule. So, I called a family friend & my former doctor for advice. She told me to ice my legs down, keep them elevated, and take some pain medication.

When I got back, I made an appointment to see a Dr. By then, I was still in a great deal of pain and discomfort - in both knees, my left knee especially. I was having problems being able to bend my knee and sometimes I felt that my knee wasn't able to support me.She examined me - noting how swollen my knees looked & my lack of range of movement. She sent me to get some x-rays.

Got the x-rays. Those came back 'abnormal'. They sent me to get an MRI. That came back 'abnormal'. The Dr. asked me to come back in and let me know that they were concerned about what they were seeing. That there appeared to a 'something' on my tibia - that we would need to do more testing and perhaps see a bone specialist and a biopsy. I was also told to take it as easy as possible...They were concerned I would break my leg. And, told me that I shouldn't travel (I had another business trip coming up).

I went to get a Bone Scan. They didn't complete it properly. So, I had to get another Bone Scan. I also had to cancel my business trip (I was so upset about that I had been looking forward to that trip for 2 years). That Bone Scan came back 'abnormal'. They sent me to a bone specialist.

This is most definitely one of the hardest things I've ever gone through in my life. Trying to stay positive, but I was in a lot of pain & discomfort. Believing for the best, but seeing the 'abnormal' images on the different tests.

Finally, I got in to see the Bone Specialist. My mom came with me. Hoping for the best...bracing myself for the worst. I learned that I have a non-ossifying fibroma (learn more about it here). It's benign group of cells that develop around a bone - usually the tibia. It's most commonly caught in situations like x-ray. They rarely pose an issue and if so, they perform surgery to remove it.

Okay! Great! He gave me the okay to get back to moving. But, I thought I am still in a lot of pain and discomfort. He told me that if that is the case, it's not do to the non-ossifying fibroma. To give it a couple more weeks or so and then he would refer me to a Sports Medicine Dr. He mentioned that it could be a couple of things...possibly Patellofemoral Syndrome.

Well, the next day...It hit me...I don't want to wait weeks more. It took almost 3 weeks to get this figured out. So, I started calling around Sports Medicine Drs. The first one that could get me in the next day...I went to see.

The Sports Medicine Dr. examined me & he also confirmed my diagnosis from the Bone Specialist w/ some other orthopedic specialist who happened to be in the office. He confirmed that I had Patellofemoral Syndrome (learn more about that here). He wanted me to continue to rest, prescribed me some medicine, and to put ice & moist heat on my knee. Lastly, I was to work with physical therapist.

He gave me the okay to walk the 5k..I wanted to at least complete it. And I did...The highlight for me was getting past by a lady in cast from her knee to her foot. LOL!

So almost 2 months since my world was turned upside down, I am nearing completion of my physical therapy!

I had just turned 29 when this happened. I will not not take life for granted. I will work to be & stay healthy. I will eat reasonably & exercise regularly. I will take care of what goes into my body. I am committed more than ever.

Every morning I get up early to go to the park and exercise, my neighbor is outside smoking a cigarette. I am reminded everyday - I make a choice to be healthy & she made a choice not to be. I make a choice not to take for granted what this body gives me...strength to work, play, love, serve, & experience. I will strive to live the best life I can!

I'm so thankful for good health!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Cheated....

I cheated....over and over and over again....

Yes...I said no shopping until I got to at least 135...(read about that here). My clothes were fitting better and after that got they got too big, I was able to fit into items I haven't been able to wear in forever....

It all started so innocent...I just went out looking at what I would buy when I got to goal...Then I went out looking some more so I could "budget".

Then one day I found a few things that were such a good deal...I couldn't say no...I'd keep the receipt & exchange if necessary. I didn't spend over $15 on the items...

But things really went down hill, when I went to Chicago (Mignificant Mile!) a few weeks ago. I "needed" a nice dressy jacket for the meetings I was going to. I found one...In a size I haven't been in a long time :) Then, in Chi-town....I kept running into great deals....

I've been shopping every week since...A few items bought...But, I kinda wanted to doing some serious shopping this weekend....even with 4.2 lbs to go....However, was busy w/ other errands & engagements, so I didn't get my way.

Kinda happy that I didn't get to do anything...Forgot all about the Black Friday...I can pick up some good deals then & hopefully, I will be a little closer to my goal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 down....

WooHoo...I've lost 20 pounds!

5 more to go!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Overweight Women Overestimate Physical Activity?

I stumbled accross this article today and thought it was so interesting. I definately can say that this was true for me. The heavier (unfit) I was the more innacurate about just how both the quality & quantities of my workouts.

Overweight women overestimate physical activity

Young women, especially those who are overweight, tend to overestimate their levels of physical activity, according to a new study.

After losing weight, however, white women overestimate their physical activity levels to a lesser extent. In contrast, African American women continue to overestimate their physical activity as much as before losing weight, researchers report.

The finding could be useful in helping people keep the pounds off, the study’s lead author told Reuters Health.

“It can be hypothesized that women who overestimate their physical activity may not feel the need to be as physically active,” said Dr. Gary R. Hunter of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“This can be important for preventing weight gain since we, as well as others, have previously found that relatively high physical activity levels are important for maintaining weight,” Hunter said.

Black women tend to be less physically active and more likely to be overweight than white women, previous researchers has determined. Studies have also shown that people tend to overestimate when asked how much they exercise. So Hunter’s team set out to compare black and white women’s perceptions about their physical activity.

The study included 20 white and 21 black premenopausal women who were overweight at the start of the study, but who lost weight during the study. The trial also included a control group of 20 white and 14 black women who were not overweight.

The women reported their physical activity levels before and after losing weight.

Most women, regardless of their weight, overestimated how much physical activity they performed, Hunter’s team reports in the June issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“Premenopausal women overestimate physical activity with overweight premenopausal women overestimating physical activity almost twice as much as normal weight women,” Hunter said.

After weight loss, the level of overestimation dropped dramatically in white women, so much so that they were similar to the black and white women who had never been overweight, Hunter noted. But African-American women continued the same level of overestimation even after losing weight, the study found.

“Overestimation seems to be related to muscle function, especially muscular strength,” Hunter said. He noted that fit women tended to overestimate their physical activity less often than women who were not as fit.

There were signs that black women, but not white women, experienced a reduction in physical fitness after they lost weight. Physical activity may have become easier for white women who lost weight, so they may have perceived that they were less active.

Because of the decline in fitness level, physical activity may not have become any easier for black women, which may explain why they continued to overestimate their activity levels, according to the report.

The results of the study “support the concept that exercise training designed to improve fitness and especially strength fitness may be important for increasing free-living physical activity by changing how physical activity is perceived,” Hunter said.

SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 2004

Is It Just Me?

Or, Do you hate it when you read a weight loss blog/story and the writer fails to mention the height....

200lbs and 5'2 and 200lbs and 5'9 is a big difference.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

I only had to make sure to keep up

I LOVE this story!!!!

Salvador Lopez-Barr fell in love with his running coach, Hollis Bathen, while training for his first marathon.

So it seemed only fitting to propose to her during another 26.2-mile race, this one in Chicago. It was his fifth and her eighth, though the Chicago Marathon also held a special place in Hollis' heart -- it was the first marathon course she ever ran, back in 2004.

"So I decided to propose to her at the end of the race," Salvador, 36, said. "I only had to make sure to keep up."

Salvador -- a black-haired, cheerful attorney from San Francisco -- had a simple plan. Buy the engagement ring. Carry it for 26 miles. And then -- in front of the finish line grandstand, the TV cameras, photographers, and the cheering crowd -- get down on one knee and simply say "will you marry me?"

The proposal was to be a surprise. Everything had to be perfect, so Salvador prepared diligently.
He bought Nike runner's shorts with an interior pocket flap to hold the ring's box. The pocket was so tiny, Salvador had to find a smaller box. The pocket also didn't have a zipper. Salvador safety pinned it closed.

Everything in place, the couple began their run. In an attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon, both Salvador and Hollis were running eight minute miles.

Hollis, at 30 a lithe and beautiful woman with blonde shoulder-length hair, was the more experienced runner. She would set the pace.

After three and a half hours, the couple neared the finish line, matching each other stride for stride. Right before they reached the grandstand in Grant Park, Salvador untucked his pocket flap, de-safety pinned the enclosure, pulled out the box ... and tripped.

"I did some kind of somersault," Salvador said. The grandstand gasped. The crowd let out a collective "oh."

After the race, Salvador would explain that he had planned to trip, but not to go sprawling like he did. He scraped up his knee and elbow. Other runners, concerned, tried to help him up. Salvador shooed them away.

"I'm thinking to myself 'get away man, this is all staged, it's cool, it's cool!"

Meanwhile Hollis, intent on making her qualifying time, was exasperated.

"I was so bummed! Because the first marathon we ran together he cramped up at mile 12 and we had to walk eight miles," she said. "And I was like 'oh my god, you can't fall here! Get up!"

That's when Salvador held up the box.

"And I was like, 'you tripped on a tiny box?!'"

Salvador popped the question.

Hollis, dumbfounded, and still frantic to make their qualifying time, realized she was being proposed to. She said yes. But there was one hitch.

"I had mittens on so he couldn't really put the ring on," Hollis said. "So he just sort of tried to hand it to me and I was like 'no no, you have to put it on me!'"

So Salvador, exhausted, slightly bruised, and in love, did what any man in that situation would have done. He tried to place the ring over her finger.

On her right hand.

While her mitten was still on.

"All I remember thinking was 'I think it's supposed to be my left hand,'" Hollis said. She de-mittened, he placed the ring on her finger, and they crossed the finish line engaged. All according to Salvador's plan.

"I looked down at my hand and I saw this ring and I was like, is this really happening?"

Salvador assured her it was. His family and best friend, and her mother and their friends -- who had all flown in from San Francisco, the couple's home -- congratulated them at the finish line.

Finishing at 3:36, Hollis qualified for the Boston Marathon. Salvador did not. But no matter how unlucky he is running, he's very lucky in love.

Or as Salvador says, "it was about as romantic as you can be at mile 26."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today's Inspiration

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's Inspiration

Pain is Temporary. Pride is Forever.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What made me say 'That's IT!'

Bye Bye Love Handles did a post about what made you say 'That's IT!'....

For me....

Although I had been slowly packing on the pounds for the last year and wasn't all that happy with that....I wasn't entirely too motivated to do anything about it either.

My 'That's IT' moment was in late May. I just got back from a very fun trip to Memphis. I was reviewing the pics and I was SOOOOOO UNHAPPY with what I was seeing. Friends & family were asking me to share the pics & I was relunctant to show them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Diary...

I started tracking what I was eating when I started working with my dietitian. She gave me a 2 week tracker every other appointment. I tracked everything for about the first month then I stopped writing down everything. However, I still counted and tracked calories, carbs, veggies, and fruits. Sometimes, I just kept tracked mentally, sometimes I would scratch down what I was eating on scraps of paper, other times in the tracker. Meanwhile, I had another journal I was using for tracking exercise.

I really want to keep notes of my progress for 'round 2'. So, I went out shopping for a journal that would track both my eating & exercise. It seems that journals are either really great for noting workouts or eating but not both. Either the food sections would be too small and not detailed enough for those workout focused. The exercise sections would perhaps be a line or two for those food focused.

Here's the New Journal I bought.....

It's leather bound (that orange cover comes right off) and appears to be a 'regular' journal.

You can keep track of food, beverages, exercise, vitamins and supplements, and mood daily. Weekly, you can record weight, bmi, measurements, other goals & notes.

I really love it! I just need to use it - EVERY DAY :) I know that those who track do better than those who don't.....

It's only $15. You can purchase it at your local Border's or online at

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying New Things

My new favorite thing is butterball turkey bacon. I've never been a big fan of turkey bacon. My auntie is, however, and i've had plenty of slices that left more to be desired.

But I tried this out after my local grocery store was out of canadian bacon & I wanted a lower fat/sodium breakfast meat.

If you cook it crispy, it's very similar to the real deal.

Here's The Nutrional Info:

Serving Size 1 slice (14 g)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 25 (Calories from Fat 15% Daily Value)

Total Fat 1.5g (3% Saturated Fat 0.5g, 3% Trans Fat 0g)
Cholesterol 10mg
Sodium 135mg
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 2g

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weight Loss Solution

This article asks: What have you done in the past week to help solve your weight problem? List 3 things.

Here are 3 things I did:

1. Choose water or low-calorie drink over a soda or other high calorie drink.

2. Went to an exercise class although I didn't feel like it

3. Bought and started reading a book about balanced living & healthy eating

What have you done?

Round 2

I'm gearing up for the next 10 (to 15) pounds of weight loss.

This past week has energizing - I vacationed in Miami, celebrated another birthday, and lost a good deal weight.

It's what I needed to kick off the second half of this weight loss.

I'm working to be at 135 by October 20th. (That's within days of my first 5k, a special event I want to participate in, and starting a 10 week weight loss/healthy eating group program with my nutrionist)

I'd love to start all of these events at "goal" or very close to it. Starting a new phase maintaing.

I have been reconsidering what my goal weight will be. I am thinking now it will be very happy at 135. It really matters how I look and feel. If not, that then 130.

As of today, here's What I Have Planned For the Next 8 weeks:


Sun - Run

Mon - Morning Walk, Run

Tues - Morning Walk, Zumba/Run

Wed - Pilates, Weights

Thurs - Morning Walk, Zumba

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning Zumba (every other sat.), Run, Weights


1600 calories a day.....Every 4 weeks or so, calorie cycling of 14oo/1700

Continue to count & track what I eat

Eat 3 servings of fruit, 5 servings of vegetables (starchy & non-starchy) a day, 6 servings of protein, No more than 7 servings of Carbs/Starchs, 2 servings of dairy, and No more than 3 servings of fat/oil, 6 to 8 cups of water

Weight Loss - Art or Science?

Just finished reading this blog.....

What an excellent point made...there is a science to weight loss...more calories out then calories in = weight loss. But, there is an art to losing the weight...finding out what foods work well for you body or discovering which exercise routines are best for you to complete.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drumroll Please

September 9th was my birthday.

In late May, I decided that I wanted to be in the 130 -135 range by that date after hitting a high f 160lbs. That would give me just 15 weeks (3 1/2 months) to do it. With an average of 2lbs a week, it was challenging, but doable.I lost 2lbs in 2 weeks with a little bit of exercise and a few changes to my diet. With some more effort, I could certainly make my goal.

So, I added exercising 4 to 6 days a week including cardio & strength training. I decided to meet with a trainer to put together a program for me to follow & workout on my own. After a month and a half of that, I added brisk hour-long walks 3 to 5 days in morning to the other exercise I was doing (above my trainer's recommendations). I also met with my trainer once a month. I also started working with a dietitian. The next month, I started working with my trainer once a week.

15 long weeks! AND AS OF TODAY, I am 144lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would be so disappointed to not have made goal yet. BUT, I am NOT, I am feeling GREAT!

16 lbs is not an accident, but a mixture of tears, countless fitness and health articles read, two a day workouts, sweat, extra salads, and fewer soda's.

Weigh-in Results

Week 1 – 7/16 - 157.6

Week 2 - 7/21 - 155.0

Week 3 - 7/30 - 154.6

Week 4 - 8/8 - 150.6

Week 5 - 8/11 - 151.0

Week 6 - 8/18 - 151.0

Week 7 - 9/1 - 149.0

Week 8 - 9/8 - 147.4

Although, I weigh myself everyday....I don't write it down. So I asked me nutrionist to email my progress.

In black and write, it seems so easy. Each week - progress is made. The weighs-in results don't show the struggle. It doesn't reveal the hours spent working out, reading health and fitness articles, planning menus and tracking meals. It doesn't reveal every coke refused, french fries skipped, timarisu un-ordered. That plateau felt never ending.

Lesson Learned: Write your weight progress down regularly.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie

I bought a bikini yesterday.

I am NOT bikini ready. I've never owned a bikini before!

But, I thought it might be good motivation....

Next year, I wanna be able to hit the beach & the pool without the reservations (and the coverups).

Are You Pre-Disposed To Stick To a Workout Plan?

*******Just read this great blog. I'm certainly a Type A Exerciser. I am a Type A Personality too! I definately can push myself too hard sometimes, so that was a reality check to keep things in balance

Type A: Type A people are most likely to exercise every day. They will sometimes exercise for 1 to 2 hours at a time or may even exercise two times each day. These individuals are often competitive and may be Type A individuals sociologically – driven, successful and highly motivated. Sometimes these individuals believe they are immune to injury and will ‘overdo’ it or work through pain when they shouldn’t.

•If you are Type A: Type As don’t need a lot of incentive to exercise. If anything, they may be predisposed to overdoing it. If you are a Type A Fitness personality, look to cross-train. This will help reduce potential injury from overuse of certain muscles. Additionally, it will help to ward off boredom. Type As may focus on one activity too much and tend to push themselves so hard, that they may end up burning out as a result.

Type B: Type B people tend to work out consistently at a moderate level. They may exercise every other day and will alternate lower intensity and impact with higher intensity and impact activities. These individuals tend to work out ‘responsibly’ and are sensible in their approach, as compared to Type As who may be more compulsive. Type Bs tend to see exercise as part of a lifestyle and understand the benefits of it long-term, as well as in the short-term.

•If you are Type B: Type B exercisers really have the right mindset. They don’t really require very much in the way of incentives to exercise, but understand how to maintain balance in their approach.

Type C: Type C individuals are those individuals who have never experienced exercise as a regimen before. While some people in this category may have been involved in activities for fun, they may not have ever thought of it as fitness. Others, however, may have been relatively sedentary. Type Cs may be at risk for not sticking with the program if they feel that the program isn’t ‘working for them.’

•If you are Type C: Type C exercisers may want to consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions if they have no real knowledge about exercise. Otherwise, you may want to find a gym that has great customer service and personalized approaches for their members. If you are a Type C, fitness classes may be a good starting point so that you feel that you have a ‘community’ and support network that you can rely on and/or feel comfortable with. Look for ways to get positive reinforcement so that you stay motivated. Speak with your fitness instructor if you are part of a class and inform them that you are new to exercising. They will (if they are good) be more apt to ensuring that you get the positive reinforcement and guidance you need to stick with the program.

Type D: Type D individuals are completely inactive or sedentary. Although they may be able to exercise, they are prone to start and stop or never even partake in regular exercise at all. They may not exercise due to time constraints, expense, convenience or other obligations. But most likely, they don’t have real interest.

•If you are Type D: Type D exercisers are at the highest risk for not adhering to an exercise program. They need to address three barriers: time, effort and on-the-spot excuses. If you are a Type D, you should think about the benefits of exercise and understand the health implications of not being active. You may want to start off slow by taking a few minutes out of every day just to walk. Slowly build up to 10 minutes a day…15 minutes a day…20 minutes a day and so on. Even small changes, like taking the stairs instead of an elevator, are helpful. Type Ds need unconventional programs that are convenient and leave little room for excuses. They should aim to understand their de-motivators and/or excuses that come most easily. Once they identify their biggest excuses, they should look for ways that they can’t be excuses anymore (E.g., the gym is too far…get a piece of cardio equipment for your home). Lastly, find ways to motivate yourself to be healthier. Reward yourself for making positive changes in your health and activity level.


So...the first time, I lost 30 pounds, I didn't reward myself at the 1/4 mark or the 1/2 way point. Because nothing tastes as good as being slim does....Being slim again was it's own award (I really don't know about that 'nothing taste as good as being slim feels' phrase - there are plenty of things that taste good, really good..but I digress).

But this time around, I've been thinking about rewards for my weight loss accomplishments...So, when I hit 135lbs I'm going shopping!

I also decided not to do any clothes shopping until I hit that goal. I really don't think that'll be too hard...I haven't really been buying clothes over the past year...Shoes, Purses, Jewelry, and more Shoes - you better believe it. But, I really haven't enjoyed buying clothes like I used too...Things weren't fitting like I liked or I wasn't happy with what I was seeing in reflection in the mirror.

Should You Invest In a Personal Trainer? - Part III

I worked out with my trainer yesterday. She totally kicked my butt!

I'm halfway through my weightloss goal (12 pounds down), working out 6 days a week, feeling stronger, and looking better.

Yet, one hour with her reminds me that I have more work to do! Although I challenge myself in my workouts, she pushes me to new heights.

DECIDED: With each baby I have, I'm working with a trainer to get back into shape.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Axe Bahia or Why Brazilian Woman Don't Get Fat

Wow! I just finished an Axe Bahia, a Brazilian Dance, class.

It was so much fun, but sooo exhausting! I see why so many Brazilian women are NOT fat!

It's a fabulous workout.If you can find one in your area, you have to check it out!

If you're in the KCMO, check out Baila Westside...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Run, Baby, Run

As a part of my goals before I hit 30 (which is just a year a way), I decided to run a half marathon. I am going to break up hitting 13 miles by doing a few runs along the way. Here's a list of the ones I am planning to do.....

1. 5K (3.1m) --- - October 17, 2009

2. 8K (5m) --- - November 1st, 2009

3. 10K (6.2m) --- - Jan 31, 2010

4. Half-Marathon - 21.1K (13.1m) --- - June 5, 2010

**Maybe: a 15K (9.3m) - May, 2010

BONUS #1: I found out that my job pays for a certain number of entries to select races in the KC area. I'm gonna find out the exact ones & see how I can qualify!

BONUS #2: One of my friends also decided to run a 1/2 marathon before she turned 30. We are running once a week together. It's been great having a workout partner.

National Weight Control Registry

The National Weight Control Registry is a collection of people (18 years or older) in the U.S. who have lost at least 30 lbs of weight and kept it off for at least one year.

There is variety in how NWCR members keep the weight off. Most report continuing to maintain healthy eating and plenty of activity.

* 78% eat breakfast every day.
* 75% weigh them self at least once a week.
* 62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.
* 90% exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day.

Some other interesting facts: Members have lost an average of 66 lbs and kept it off for 5.5 years. Weight losses have ranged from 30 to 300 lbs. Length of weight loss ranges from 1 year to 66 years! 45% of members lost the weight on their own and the other 55% lost weight with the help of some type of program. 98% of members report that they modified their food intake in some way to lose weight. 94% increased their physical activity, with the most frequently reported form of activity being walking.

I've been thinking alot lately about maintaining this weight loss. It seems that the things it takes to lose the weight are the things to maintain the ideal weight....

It's a Lifestyle...Not A Hobby

From When Traditional Motivation Methods Fail by Vicki Pierson, ACE certified trainer ....

Determination separates 'fitness as a lifestyle' from 'fitness as a hobby'. If I view working out or weight training as a hobby then I’m only going to do it when I feel like it. Defining something as a hobby implies an activity that’s done in your spare time because you enjoy it. This definition doesn’t completely work for me where fitness is concerned. Yes, I truly enjoy the benefits of fitness! However, I don’t always enjoy the activity required to attain those benefits. Consequently, my workout can easily get pushed down on my priority list, next to cleaning the tile in my shower.

Viewing fitness as a lifestyle has completely changed my mental programming. Working out is an integral component of my life. Let’s face it, when something becomes part of your lifestyle you do it whether you feel like it or not. It becomes a necessity. You know-- like breathing!

Hmm...I have been thinking about this a lot lately. She sums this up perfectly! I do enjoy things like zumba, western african dance classes, or running. But I don't always want to take the time and energy to do them, but when I view them as a part of a lifestyle not a hobby, I find a way to partake in them anyway.

I guess that's true for eating correctly too. Yes, I like things like bananas, grean beans, tilapia. It's easy to eat them, but sometimes I don't want to eat healthy regularly. However, when I realize that I am a lifestyle healthy eater, not a dabbler, I make a way to partake in good foods.

Getting Real

I just read this great article 'Eight Keys To a Healthy Weight' (

It's written by Daniel Kosich, PhD and based on his book GET REAL: A Personal Guide To Real-Life Weight Management. In GET REAL, Dr. Kosich says the three most important elements of successful weight control are: 1) regular activity, 2) proper eating and 3) (most importantly) a positive attitude (which includes high self-esteem, self-empowerment and a healthy body image).

You don't hear to often about having a positive attitude when it comes to weight loss from professionals. Love that!

Dr. Kosich asks you to think about where you want to be in 10 years. "It's not what you do for the next 10 days, or 10 weeks, or even 10 months, that determines where you'll be in 10 years," he says. "It's what you do for the next 10 years that counts."

Wow...What a great quote! I don't want to be back here in 2 years, or 5 years, or 10 years! So, every day - every week - every month - every year - I'll have to do the things to keep me in the best of health.

Lastly, he advises to be patient & persistent.

'It takes practice. Most experts recommend that you keep a simple log or record of your new healthy self-care habits. Just take a few minutes each day to note what activities you did, a general description of the foods you ate, and the positive things you did to take care of yourself. Most importantly, don't be in a hurry. Most health professionals will tell you it takes at least six months for a new habit to become part of your lifestyle. Keeping records helps you stick to your healthier habits until they become second nature. And take it in small steps. That's how most things happen . . . in real life. '

And that's what I'm doing...I keep a separate food journal...I think I'll start doing weekly recaps here too. I started this blog to journal my thoughts and steps to working back to being healthy. I think I'm going to start a exercise journal...I note my activity in my food journal, but I want to do so in more detail...intensity, length, # of reps, etc.

I love the part about 6 months to make a habit a part of my lifestyle. I have been thinking alot lately 21 days is not enough to make a habit (this healthier living thing) stick. I should have a solid footing on this thing by December 31st! 7 months of practice, perseverance, and perfecting!

I'm Soaked

Just finished a run at the park.

Nope, not soaked with sweat. Soaked with rain water!

Probably, not the smartest decision to take a quick run in between all the showers we've been having today.

When I got to the park, it wasn't doing anything. I thought great! I'm gonna get a quick 3 miles walk/run in. Making sure to take it easy not to re-injure myself. But about 1/4 of the way through my first mile, a few drops of water hit my arm. No biggie I thought. About 1/2 way through, the drops started hitting in a distinct pattern. I started to pick up the pace....Then it really started coming down...and the lightening and thunder started! I started to run - slower than usual - didn't want to hurt anything...Then it started pouring. I couldn't hardly see with the lenses of my glasses. 'Dear God...Please let me make it to my car without getting hit by lightening!' I prayed. I made it, but I am completely soaked.

I don't have wash & wear hair!!!!!!! What was I thinking?

But on a completely other note, maybe I've been running a little too hard. I ran slower than usual today to ease back into exercise, but I noticed I ran at a slower pace. I felt pretty good, and didn't have to recover so long/hard.

And lastly, my new sneakers felt great!

Should You Invest In a Personal Trainer? - Part II;_ylt=AkUFZCksVQh6q.2ksNf10N9qbqU5

The latter part of this article really got me thinking....Hmm...Let me think about the keys things that matter about working with a personal trainer.

1. Reasonable and Realistic Goals - Check....Now. That is. Originally, my goal was really quite ambitious. A more suitable time frame (for me) is to lose 25 to 30 lbs in 4 or 5 months not 3 months.

2. Your Motivation (or Perhaps Proper Motivation) - Check. For me, me, me! That has changed. Except, that now I see that this will put me in a better position to help others around me, to have healthy pregnancies and be a good role model to my babies, and to be and stay a healthy wife.

3. Acknowledgement of the Hard Work Ahead - Check. Check. I fully realize just how much hard
work this thing is. It's more than a zumba class here and a salad there. It's about dedicated workouts each week and healthy eating each day. But what keeps me going, is that I will reach my goal. I won't have to work as hard as I do now, but I am setting the foundation to keep the what I have worked so hard for.

Should You Invest In a Personal Trainer?

Brett Blumenthal of Sheer Balance had a great blog entry titled 'Should You Invest In a Personal Trainer' (;_ylt=AkUFZCksVQh6q.2ksNf10N9qbqU5).

She noted that there are two things that influence the success of a personal training program: 1) The Personal Trainer and 2) You.

Key things that matter about your personal trainer:

1. His/Her Credentials
2. His/Her Experience
3. His/Her Referrals
4. His/Her Physical Appearance
5. His/Her Personality

Keys things that matter about you (when hiring a personal trainer):

1. Reasonable and Realistic Goals
2. Your Motivation (or Perhaps Proper Motivation)
3. Acknowledgement of the Hard Work Ahead

Personally, I am happy to be working with a personal trainer. She is a perfectly balanced in all of the above. Most importantly, we really click! She is a wonderful coach & cheerleader. She also totally pushes me! I thought I push myself during my workouts, but she definately pushes me further. She also has me trying/doing activities that I never would/might not have done on my own.

I originally sat down with her in June and had her put together a plan for me to follow on my own as well as an overall fitness evaulation. I decided that cost was an issue and I would only meet with her on once a month (for 4 months). As we got closer to my goal deadline, I decide that I wanted to meet with her more frequently - on a weekly basis - for 4 sessions (but now I'm thinking maybe 6). In September, I think I'll go back to monthly with my last session being in Decemeber. Total spent by the end of December: $380 (I could have saved some money if I bought more sessions at the beginning but I don't regret the path I have taken).

I know that working with a personal trainer can be very expensive. But doing something like meeting with one and having him/her set up a basic plan for you to follow and perhaps another session to walk you through what basic cardio/strength training moves you should do, is well worth it. Personally, I think it's best....You can learn to work out on your own....which you'll have to do at one point or another.

Now That's Dedication To the Job!

This personal trainer gained 90 pounds to understand the struggles his clients go through. Wow! That's him posing by a picture of his former body.
You can see a video about it here:

The most interesting thing...He put on most of it in less than 2 and 1/2 months. It's taken him 6 weeks just to lose a tenth of what he put on. A good lesson to all - It's so much easier to gain than to lose!

'From Fab to Fat and Back: Trainer Gains Weight to Better Understand Clients' Needs'


An Australian personal trainer who deliberately packed on 88 pounds in six months so he could better understand his overweight clients' trials has learned personally just how difficult slimming down can be.

Paul "PJ" James had a sort of reverse New Year's resolution to gain as much weight as he could and on July 1 he began the second half of his challenge getting back into shape.

"The reason for doing it was to better understand and empathize with my personal training clients," said James, of Melbourne, Australia. "There's a lot of people who can't come into the gym for the first time because they feel embarrassed and they really appreciate someone & to walk a mile in their shoes."

The once chiseled James, who used to sport picture-perfect abdominals and ripped muscles, now boasts a much more rotund figure. The 6'2" James has shed 10 pounds in six weeks and gained a greater compassion for those struggling to battle the bulge. The former underwear model has had to rethink his own training as he whittles down his waistline starting out slow and struggling to see progress.

"I think I owe it to everyone to get my old body back," he said. "I just want people to see that it is possible to get back in shape."

For six months James didn't engage in any exercise and his diet was unrestricted.

"I decided to eat whatever I wanted," said James, whose journey is being chronicled for a documentary called "Fat and Back." "There were no restrictions."

Within in a few weeks, James began to feel a difference in his body. By the end of February the 32-year-old weighed 233 pounds and felt lethargic. His clothes no longer fit and he had begun wearing second-hand track pants.

James' blood pressure also had risen slightly.

As he continued gaining weight, James found it more difficult to walk and experienced muscle pain along with dangerous spikes in his cholesterol and sugar levels. "You're whole body changes. It's very difficult to deal with," James said. "My doctor advised me to slow down."

After months of eating nothing but fatty, fried foods and sugary drinks, James began liking his new diet perhaps too much.

"I really enjoyed the food," he said. "But it soon became an addiction and I am currently fighting that addiction as well to sugar and fat."

James' first step to getting fit was to break his addiction, but he couldn't do it cold turkey. He gradually weaned himself off of sugar and fat. Today he believes he has kicked his habit.
Using fatty foods for fuel came with a price tag for James.

"I've actually been spending three or four times the amount that I would normally spend," he said. "People often think it's easier or it's convenient to buy just fast food, not cook at home so you save on time."

"It's actually a lot more expensive to be overweight than it is to be in shape," he added.

James was spending money to treat his rapidly emerging ailments. It's a symptom Americans also face as a study published in July by the journal Health Affairs estimates the annual health care cost for the average obese person is $1,400 higher than for someone who is not obese.

For James, weight gain resulted in more than monetary costs. The extra pounds also took an emotional toll; it was a price James underestimated.

"I felt hopeless," he said. "It is amazing how the mind plays an important part in this whole thing. You start to doubt your own ability."

Like so many of his clients who were trying to lose weight, James was upset about his appearance. At least one of his clients found the journey humbling and inspiring.

"When I initially started training with him he was full of ego, very energized and as he started to pile on the weight he became more lethargic," said gym client David Mega. "It definitely allows him to understand his clients better and it also allows people like me to see that anyone with any fitness level can actually let themselves go."

James now is five weeks into his program to reshape his body, armed with the new insight from the first six months of the year.

When James finally did make it back to the gym to begin an exercise regimen, he couldn't do what he used to do. He had so much extra weight on his ankles and knees that he couldn't run because he was afraid of injuring his joints and he was unable to do a set of sit-ups.

"I don't want to claim to totally understand what it's like to be overweight," James said. "But hopefully my journey encourages people out there to take their own journey."

It's Not Always About What You Want

"It's not always about what you want, it's about what your body needs."

When my nutrionist said this to me a few weeks ago, it really stuck out to me. I thought I was doing a good enough job with my eating habits (minus of course, when I was flat out eating junk). But, as I have worked through the last few weeks on eating better...I realized a few things:

1) I was not getting enough protein on a daily basis. Little hard to believe that one, but I was getting anywhere between one to two servings (1oz to 4oz ounces) of protein.

2) I was not eating enough non-starchy veggies and fruits. Oops....Certainly not getting the basic government recommendation of 5 a day...Definately, not getting my nutrionist personalized goal of 3 fruit servings & 5 vegetable servings a day. (This website has really helped me with this one:

3) I should get back to the basics....We ate healthy growing up...baked foods, veggies & fruits, some organic & health food selections. We didn't eat alot of junk sugary cereals. We ate other foods fried foods and soda. My parents did a good job of keeping things in balance...

4) I need more convenience items. I am very busy with church, family, work, a brand new startup llc, exercise, and life. I don't have the time (or energy) like I used to cook. So, I started not eating balance meals and/or eating junk b/c that was quick/easier. So, I've been grabbing things that are quick & easy to prepare.

5) I need to make sure my body gets what it needs. So, if that means it takes more time in the grocery store to read labels on food items; bringing a snack/food item with me while I am out whether that be an event or running erands; skipping #5 on the menu when out with my girls, i gotta do it.

Ms. Hallie

Nope....not Halle Berry....

Ms. Hallie is my nutritionist. I've been working with her for 6 weeks and it has been great! (It's also been a lot of work too)

I started looking for a dietitian when I realized that I needed help getting back to healthy eating. She has a 7 week program specific to weight loss...It's personalized according to your overall goals, weight, and activity level. She put together a plan for me to follow. I'm watching and working on my calorie intake, my overall food group intake: vegetables, fruits, proteins/meats, oils, and carbohydrates, and tracking my food. My sessions with her a mixture of weighins and lessons on food. The best session might have been her grocery shopping with me. All that for $140!

I can't believe how quickly these weeks have gone. Next week, will be our final session of the 7....

BUT....She suggested doing some short sessions with her...perhaps only weighing and ask a quick question or two for the next several weeks. It would be a dollar a minute and I could allocate how I want to spend my time with her. So, I think I'll do 5 12-minute sessions....That'll put us in mid October. Hopefully, I will be close to the last of my weight loss by then.

Also, she has a ten week group class session for $95 focused on healthy living (and weight loss) starting in mid October. She says that she focuses on some of things covered in the individual sessions as well as bringing in a healthy snack ideas each class. That'll take me right through the holiday season :)

I decided to definitely do these sessions last week. Yeesh, $295 for working with a nutritionist. But I decided, it's worth it. It's worth not having to pay for doctor's bills or medications, not having unnecessary wear & tear on my body, and a happy self image.

Anyways, if your struggling with how to make your diet work or don't know where to start. I would highly recommend working with a dietitian/nutritionist. Some healthplans cover working with one (including mine, but I decided to go 'out of network' - I won't be getting reimbursed).

This has been one of the best decisions I could have made. I feel like I am back in control! I've lost about 7 pounds in about 6 weeks. Not too shabby....

19 Days to Miami!

Eeek! Just 19 more days to Miami.

The good news: I am officially out of the 15os and have been for a week solid!

The not so good news: I injured myself last week. I spent most of last week resting my legs. I injured myself last Saturday, rested on Sunday, and tried to push through it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with lighter workouts. By Wednesday, I realized that I needed to take it easy....So, I stopped working out altogether & also started icing my legs...Today, I woke up feeling pretty darn good.

Even so, I managed not to lose any weight or gain this past week...I am okay with that...since 1) I didn't work out full force and 2) I was pre-menstrual.

So...the next few days I going to really focus on eating the best I can & make the most of my workouts.

Lastly, I found a fabulous coverup for the beach so I will feel comfortable at the beach.

Trying New Things

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

I realize that for me to get back to my ideal weight it's gonna take trying new things. The old way of doing somethings is not going to work for me.

Each week...I am trying something new...Sometimes I like...Sometimes I love it...Sometimes I hate it!

Here are a few new things I've tried that I like/love:

1. Amy's Organics

Yummy! I love the enchilada meal, the vegetable lasagna, and the chunky vegetable soup. Good and good for you :)

2. Kashi

I have been a fan of their granola for a while now. I am digging their fozen foods too...The black bean mango is my favorite....I also like the SW Chicken...I didn't care one bit for the pesto chicken pasta or lemongrass chicken - I didn't finish either. I did buy a few other varieties and will try 'em out this week...

3. I was a big soda & juice drinker....I am weaning working my way out of that. So, I've been trying a lot of different flavored waters & juices. Being careful to keep my carbohydrates (sugars) & calories down, has been tricky with some of the varities. But I am happy with the alternatives I found....

Metromint, Fuze Water, Archer Farmers, Sam's Club's Clearly American Water (I prefer Clearly Canadian but can't find it), and Snapple are among my new favorites...

New Sneakers

Well, I bought some new sneakers. Actually, two pairs of sneakers. One pair of adidas for walking (I've been walking around 3 miles a few mornings a weeks in addition to my evening workouts) & a pair of nikes for running (I am planning on doing a half marathon next year & want to work my way up with smaller races until then). I zumba a couple a times a week & I bought some new sneakers for that a few months ago.

I wasn't planning on it....Sure, I've read about the need to get a new pair of sneakers every so often, but I figured what's the big deal...I used one pair for my heavier workouts and a lighter pair for my zumba classes....My sturdier pair for my heavier workouts was just great.

But right before my last workout with my trainer, I noticed my sturdier pair was showing signs of wear and tear. Hmmmm...I gonna have to get a new pair soon...I thought and didn't think to much afterwards....

But, my next workout, I was feeeling some discomfort & pain in my legs....I've sat out of most of my heavier workouts this week because of it. I can't afford to injure myself like that again.

So, I went shopping....It took quite a bit of time....but I finally find some that took a while...

I can't remember the last time I've bought so many sneakers!

Today's Motivation

"No Struggle, No Progress." Frederick Douglas

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What does 100 calories look like?

Here is a great quiz to test your ability to test your snacking judgement...

(I just barely passed...)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's Motivation

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear 150s‏

We've been together all year. Through the sunshine & rain...The cold, winter nights....the pretty spring days...the hot summer nights...Through happy times...and not so happy times.

But's its time for you to go and I never want to see you again. I'm done with you. Goodbye.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

But You Gotta Live Life‏

That's what my friend told me when I told her I was second guessing going to Miami to celebrate our last birthday in our twenties.

I told her that I didn't want to go fat.

You look the same she said. Actually, that's not true - I am a good 15 pounds heavier than the last time I saw her.

She really didn't understand me. She told me you're not fat to me.

I told my mom & she really didn't support the idea of not going either. She said you'll still make progress & you'll have fun once you get there.

Am I over-reacting?

I thought I'd be so much further in the weight loss by now. It be one thing if I was in the 140s now.

But I am not...

Both my trainer & nutritionist think I can get to 140 by my birthday. I want to think I can, but I know realize how much more work this is taking. I guess I really did think that bam - pow - my body would get back in shape in about 3 months. 2 months down & that ain't really happening...

When my friend said you gotta live life...I was thinking yeah, that is the reason why I am doing all this work. I don't wanna not go to social events b/c I am unhappy with what I look like, I don't want to be late to an event b/c I can't find anything to look right or camouflage my body, I don't want to not take pictures or share pictures b/c of how I look.

So, the question is....Can I trust the process? That eating right and exercise will slim & trim my body. That my body won't be 'perfect', but it will be better.

I hope so...because I ready to live life at another level....

P.S. I'll let you know what I decide to do about Miami.

Coats, Scarves, and Gloves...Oh My...‏

So, I just realized that if I was to lose weight at a 2 lbs pace a week it would take me the end of October to hit my lowest of my weight loss goal (130lbs).

Just in time for...the cold weather season....bulky clothes and heavy coats...Not that I was planning on wearing skimpy outfits during the summer, but arms and legs are the most exposed & the materials in clothes are their lightest in May-June-July-August.

But to encourage myself...I'll just think of what my slim/trim body could do in the winter.....I could wear fitted sweaters w/o a belly pouch. I could buy & wear those cute knit sweater dresses. I could zip up my long boots without a fight....I would look fab at that winter formal. I could be in better shape to give that 5K/10K October Run a try...I could get that super cute leather crop jacket I saw at Alden B. & have it emphasize my lower half looking neat....instead of spreading. I could have this weight thing together prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think I'm encouraged!

6 weeks ago‏

So with only 6 weeks to goal to my goal of 130 to 135 lbs (and mind you i started working to this goal 9 weeks ago) and the realization that I (most likely...never say never right?) won't hit it. I thought I'd list the things that I have accomplished in the last 6 weeks to encourage myself about what could happen in the next 6.

1. I was 5 pounds heavier

2. I had extra inches around my stomach & hips

3. I didn't have as much stamina in my Zumba & Global Soul class

4. I still had saddlebags

5. I hadn't reduced my coke (a cola) habit (Anywhere between 16 to 64 oz)

6. I wasn't drinking enough water

7. I wasn't getting enough (or even a reasonable amount) of fruits/non-starchy vegetables/protein.

8. I wasn't strength training

9. I hadn't worked out several days a week for consecutive weeks in almost a year

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fit Woman VS. Fat Woman

I've been thinking alot about maintaning weight loss. A flex in weight and time spent exercising up or down is normal.

I stumbled upon this blog post ( and it really got me thinking about what fit woman do vs. fat woman. This Sweet Potato Pie post was focused on the struggles of African American woman with losing weight, but I think that issue is more universal than that. What do fit woman do differently than fat woman? What will I have to do to stay/be a fit woman?

What level of weight gain and/or lack of exercise will be unacceptable? Oh and I guess I should many days of unhealthy eating will be unacceptable?

So, I'm sure I may tweak this going forward. But for now I will say that 1) 137 lbs or higher is unaceptable. A weight of 140 lbs is a danger zone and means that serious tweaks to my diet and/or exercise program is in order including a discussion with my nutrionist and/or a meeting with my personal trainer. 2) A week of less than 4 days of exercise is unacceptable. 3) A period of more than 2 days of (mostly) healthy eating is not acceptable.

Fit Woman

1. Do not allow more than a 10% weight gain without taking action

2. Fit woman do not allow long periods of time to pass without exercise

3. Do not allow themselves to fall off the wagon

4. But if they do, they get right back on it

A lot of frustation and some tears....

So...the past 2 weeks have been really difficult for me.

3 weeks ago, I hit 6 weeks of working out 4 to 6 days a week and hadn't really seen any changes in my body & no change in my scale for 4 weeks! I had set a goal of losing at least 20 pounds in 13 weeks and I realized that there was just no way I could do that.

I had started to clean up my diet about 4 weeks ago. But even so....there was a lack of change in my body/the scale...I realized that I needed to make some more changes. The idea of serious calorie cutting or food elimination was depressing.

Finally deciding to meet with the dietitian about 2 weeks ago actually put me in an emotional state I wasn't expecting. Sure I was casually playing with the idea a few weeks before that, but now that it was official....I was upset that I let myself get to a point to where I had to meet with a nutrional specialist. I was upset that all the work I had put in wasn't showing. I was upset that I was here again. I can't remember the last time I cried that much in such a short period.

Of course, it doesn't help that every health magazine has something about how it just takes 6 or 8 weeks to get to "your best summer body" or "fitter, happier you".

Anyways....I'm doing better...though i do have my was chuck full of them. It's 9 weeks of exercising for me. I truly thought I'd be at least 65% of the way there. As of today 20% of the way.

I keep telling myself I am making progress. I will be in a better place in 6 weeks then I was 9 weeks ago. I am moving forward. Both my nutrionist and trainer seem to think that I can hit 140 lbs in 6 weeks...which is encouraging and dounting at the same time. That would put me 80% towards my goal weight.

Getting Help

So....I decided that this time in losing the weight I needed some help.

The last time I worked with my work's gyms trainers - they put together a plan for me to follow & gave me some basic nutritional and diet tips. They checked in with how I was doing every 6 weeks.

So...I hired a personal trainer about 6 weeks ago...I met with her for one session, she did a health assessment and put together a plan for me to follow on my own, and am I meeting with her once a month. (We just had our first session a week and half ago...She kicked my butt!)

About 3 weeks I ago...I decided that I really needed to change my eating habits too, but the thought of 'dieting' was overwhelming. So...I researched dietitians/nutritionists. I found a couple that seemed great...but was surprised at just how much working with them costs! I did some more searching and found one that was more reasonable and had a great program. We had our first meeting about a week & a half ago. She's great!

Although it's just been a few weeks, working with them has been good for me. They push me to obtain my goals and provide some encouragement along the way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How I Lost The Weight (The First Time)

When I first started this exercise...I thought simple 1) I ate better & 2) Iexercised. CASE CLOSED...but the more I thought about it the more I realized it was more than 2 things....

1. I did cardio at least 3 to 5 days a week.

2. I did strength training at least 2 to 3 days a week.

3. I increased my overall activity....I parked further away in parking lots for extra walking, I opted for stairs instead of elevators, I would go out of my way to take the stairs...for example, if I needed to use the restroom I would walk a couple floors up to the upper level restroom).

4. I counted and recorded my calories.

5. I reduced my calorie intake.

6. I ate better...including reducing my fried food intakes...increased vegetables & salads

7. On days I was not working out, I would eat especially healthier (sometimes lighter). If I ended up having an unnecesary or unplanned extra snack or helping, I would increase my activity or intensity of my workout.

8. I let my inner circle know that I was on a quest to lose weight - their support helped me!

9. I became comfortable with eating out in lighter/healthier way with friends & family...(Just because I am Chili's doesn't mean I have to have appetizers, cheeseburger and fries, and a dessert...I can eat a healthier selection).

10. I bought fitness magazines for tips on healthy eating & workouts and motivational stories of ladies who did it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ms. Bad Mama Jama

No....I'm not one yet...

This blog will record my journey to getting in shape.

A little about me....I'm 5'2 and 155 lbs. My goal weight is 130 - 135 lbs.

I grew up in an family that encouraged healthy eating & physical activity. Growing up I ran track and played volleyball & basketball. In college, I stayed active...walking (I didn't have a car so I walked everywhere); participated in intramurals....flag football, soccer, basketball; and dancing...ballroom, swing, and salsa. My weight fluxed between 115 - 125 depending on how active I was....usually towards the latter.

I slowed down on my activity and healthy eating in my last year of grad school. I slowly put on weight, by graduation I had put on 10 pounds. I weighed 135 lbs.

I started a new job in corporate america shortly after graduation. It started with a 3 month intense training program (9 to 5 five days a week). To keep us occuppied & focused & energized on the training, we were provided with cookies, candy, sodas, and other sweets. We often had dinners out. Sitting on my butt for 3 months & eating tons of sweets soon took its toll....I gained ten more pounds.

I kept slowly gaining weight til I hit a whole new high....156 lbs! That was the winter of '05. I'll never forget what got me to make a change...We were celebrating at my cousin's wedding reception. When an older family friend commented to my mother (in clear earshot of me - she was just two chairs away) that I had put on weight. I tried my best to keep it together, but I was devasted. I left shortly after and cried and cried. The next day...I hit the gym and started to eat better. It took months & months to drop the weight, but I did it. It wasn't until the spring of 2007 that I got finally got back to 130 lbs to 135 lbs.

I slowly put back on 5 pounds then 10. That lasted for about a year and half. Sometimes dropping 5 pounds, but never getting lower than 140. I steadily and slowly kept putting back on weight....this time I hit an whole new high...160 lbs (that was about 10 weeks ago)!

Well, I'm working my way back to being healthy! I think blogging will get a good for me...It'll help me keep better track of my progress & it'll give me another place to vent about my weight loss journey (my inner circle is sick to death of hearing about it).