Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emotional Eating

Or should I say the "The Lack There-of".

I actually an emotional UN-eater. When I get really upset, I don't eat.

It can be frustrating....the lack of an appetite & the upsetness in the pit of the stomach serves a reminder of what I'm upset about in the first place.

My dietitian recommends eating at least a protein bar so that you don't lose out on too many nutrients...

What are you? Emotional eater? Non-eater? even keeler eater?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Inspiration

"Discipline is remembering what you want" ~ David Campbell

Friday, December 4, 2009

Green, Yellow, Red

I read this article months ago and knew that I would implement the ideas to help me keep off the weight when I got to goal.

The article talks of tips learned from a study in the New England Journal of Medicien. Dr. Rena Wing states that “If you want to keep lost pounds off, daily weighing is critical. But stepping on a scale isn’t enough. You have to use that information to change your behavior, whether than means eating less or walking more. Paying attention to weight — and taking quick action if it creeps up — seems to be the secret to success.”

****I took that as regular monitoring of my weight will be critical as I move into maintenance. (Not sure just how often that will be for me...daily/weekly/monthly. I'm thinking weekly.)

Women in the study had to maintain their weight to within five pounds. They were also introduced to a color-based weight-monitoring system to do so. Women who remained within three pounds of their starting weight fell into the “green zone. Gaining between three and four pounds landed women in the “yellow zone” and prompted them to tweak their eating and exercise habits. Women who gained five pounds or more landed them in the “red zone,” and prompted them to restart active weight-loss efforts.

***For me, my green zone will be 130 to 135 pounds. My yellow zone will be 136 to 137pounds. My red zone will be 138+. I think it's important to on stop small gains as soon as possible. I haven't always done that in the past and it's just too easy to get off track.


It's a lovely feeling to be back in the 130s...It's been a long time coming....

I was going to say 6 months (since that's when I really got serious and truly got focused). But honestly, it's been all of 2009, 2008, and half of 2007, since I was in the 130s. So, maybe I should say it took me 2 and 1/2 years.

I initially set my weight loss goal between 130 to 135. But as I moved through the 140s, I began to think that 135 would be my new lowest low (does that make sense?)goal weight. Now that I am almost there, I think that 130 is where I want to be at.

For the last several weeks, I had been thinking that when I got to 135 I would move into maintenance and if the extra pounds fell off they fell off when they fell off. But, now I think I will work to get to 130 and then go into maintenance. I hoping to reach that by the first of January...We'll see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Inspiration: A True Story...Happened This Morning...

Watching a blind man use his cane to find his way to the treadmill by me, jump on, & run (faster than me). No excuses...Find a way and make it work.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work It Girl

"You're losing weight" my cousin told me.

"You can tell?" I said. (I had my winter coat on afterall).

"Yep. Work It Girl"

That certainly made my day. I've been working hard. He also told me that I didn't need to lose any weight about 20 pounds ago. "Men want some meat on the bones".

One day months ago, I was having a pity party (kinda embarrassing to admit). I thought to the rate I'm losing weight, it'll be cold and I won't even be able to see the progress I've made...bulky sweaters, heavy coats, and scarves. Anyways, I was wrong....I can see the progress I've made...even in my coats, sweaters, etc. For example, I can actually zip up a pair of boots I bought last year ALL the way up over my calves!

My dietitian mentioned to me months ago that people probably won't notice the changes made until 15 or more pounds later. That certainly has held true. Except for those in my closest circle (my mom, workout partner, sister, and trainer), people didn't say anything about my weight loss until 20 lbs down.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Popcorn's Dirty Secret

OKAY...if you didn't know that movie popcorn was not the best for you...You had to be a dummy....

Saw that article and found that interesting because last night I read an article about how AMC movie theatre is banning outside food (and working on making more options available).

CONFESSION: we regularly brought in outside food and snacks to the theatres along w/ eating the popcorn.

But, since, I've been working on snacking smarter I bring outside food with the sole purpose to eat better. The healthy options are just not there.

Anywhoo, AMC's ban won't stop me from bringing snacks...What are going to do? Search and confiscate items from my purse? LOL...

Latest HBCU Trend? Healthy Grades & Bodies

First Read about this on Paula's blog which I just love.

LU of PA is forcing students with a BMI of 30 or greater to attend a health class or not graduate. (30 and above is considered obese). It's got bloggers & news outlets going nuts even garnering international attention.

I support Lincoln U of PA making moves to have healthier students, but I feel that ALL students should have to go through the classes. Blacks suffer from disporpotionate numbers of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, etc...In part due to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. All students should have the tools to live healthily. Your BMI alone is not necessarily an indicator of healthy eating & exercising habits.

Unfortunately, too many college campuses have far too little choices for healthy eating. I wonder how many choices Lincoln U - PA has?

There is enough challenges to being a new grad looking for employment add to that the challenge of being black & overweight. I can not blame Lincoln for wanting their students to have one less hurdle.

I'm a HBCU grad of the Lincoln University of Missouri. So, I love what this HBCU is doing, and hope others implement it too. But, with a focus on all students not just some.