Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 down....

WooHoo...I've lost 20 pounds!

5 more to go!


natalie a said...

woo hooo!!!! only 5 you'll have it done by the end of the year!!! what a way to start the new year!!!

Learning to be Less said...

Wow! Only 5 pounds left....that is awesome!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The book I am reading is called Refuse to Regain. So far I have not learned too much but I do not think I am to the good part yet. I am holding out hope. It is written by a doctor and the diet part she is talking about eating a diet with little startch and few processed foods. I do not think that is very realistic in today's society.

I bet you will be smokin' hot and done by Christmas!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

@ Natalie...I'm very excited to be starting the new year the right way & about handling the holidays w/ a plan.

@ Mrs. LTBL...I enjoy your blog! I loved to get your thoughts on Refuse to Regain when you are finished. How did you find out about it? I read it after reading an article based on the book in Women's Health Mag. I thought the article was more useful then the book...Though she did have some good points, for the most part I thought it wasn't applicable to most people - as you said. I was going to do a book review weeks ago when I read it and never got around to it...So, I think I will make it a point this week. To be at goal... would be the best Christmas present I could get this year!