Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's a Lifestyle...Not A Hobby

From When Traditional Motivation Methods Fail by Vicki Pierson, ACE certified trainer ....

Determination separates 'fitness as a lifestyle' from 'fitness as a hobby'. If I view working out or weight training as a hobby then I’m only going to do it when I feel like it. Defining something as a hobby implies an activity that’s done in your spare time because you enjoy it. This definition doesn’t completely work for me where fitness is concerned. Yes, I truly enjoy the benefits of fitness! However, I don’t always enjoy the activity required to attain those benefits. Consequently, my workout can easily get pushed down on my priority list, next to cleaning the tile in my shower.

Viewing fitness as a lifestyle has completely changed my mental programming. Working out is an integral component of my life. Let’s face it, when something becomes part of your lifestyle you do it whether you feel like it or not. It becomes a necessity. You know-- like breathing!

Hmm...I have been thinking about this a lot lately. She sums this up perfectly! I do enjoy things like zumba, western african dance classes, or running. But I don't always want to take the time and energy to do them, but when I view them as a part of a lifestyle not a hobby, I find a way to partake in them anyway.

I guess that's true for eating correctly too. Yes, I like things like bananas, grean beans, tilapia. It's easy to eat them, but sometimes I don't want to eat healthy regularly. However, when I realize that I am a lifestyle healthy eater, not a dabbler, I make a way to partake in good foods.

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