Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coats, Scarves, and Gloves...Oh My...‏

So, I just realized that if I was to lose weight at a 2 lbs pace a week it would take me the end of October to hit my lowest of my weight loss goal (130lbs).

Just in time for...the cold weather season....bulky clothes and heavy coats...Not that I was planning on wearing skimpy outfits during the summer, but arms and legs are the most exposed & the materials in clothes are their lightest in May-June-July-August.

But to encourage myself...I'll just think of what my slim/trim body could do in the winter.....I could wear fitted sweaters w/o a belly pouch. I could buy & wear those cute knit sweater dresses. I could zip up my long boots without a fight....I would look fab at that winter formal. I could be in better shape to give that 5K/10K October Run a try...I could get that super cute leather crop jacket I saw at Alden B. & have it emphasize my lower half looking neat....instead of spreading. I could have this weight thing together prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think I'm encouraged!

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