Sunday, August 16, 2009

19 Days to Miami!

Eeek! Just 19 more days to Miami.

The good news: I am officially out of the 15os and have been for a week solid!

The not so good news: I injured myself last week. I spent most of last week resting my legs. I injured myself last Saturday, rested on Sunday, and tried to push through it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with lighter workouts. By Wednesday, I realized that I needed to take it easy....So, I stopped working out altogether & also started icing my legs...Today, I woke up feeling pretty darn good.

Even so, I managed not to lose any weight or gain this past week...I am okay with that...since 1) I didn't work out full force and 2) I was pre-menstrual.

So...the next few days I going to really focus on eating the best I can & make the most of my workouts.

Lastly, I found a fabulous coverup for the beach so I will feel comfortable at the beach.

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