Saturday, September 7, 2013

George Owens Nature Park (162.0)

I discovered this park about 6 weeks ago....I was looking for a park close to my gym in Independence that had a paved walking path of at least one mile. The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to be outside.

I've been loving the walks here! There's 6 different trails - they vary from paved to more rugged to butterfly trails to railroad spikes.

I'm off the next few days to celebrate my birthday and got up early to walk the park yesterday. It was a beautiful day...

Speaking of my's just 3 days away and I had plateaued for weeks. I finally saw some progress last three weeks. Dropped to 163. Then 162.4. Then today 162! I switched up the routine slightly and I guess that worked. It's almost maddening to figure out how to break the plateau. I've played with food eaten, calorie cycling, and switching up my workout. I haven't been that low since April. After plateauing most of July, I had hoped to be at 152 by Monday....That's 10 pounds over the high end of my healthy, happy range.

I've made progress and I'm happy about that but it's certainly not as much as I would like. This weight loss is painfully slow! I still have 20 pounds to go...

But, I'm liking the toning up I'm seeing in the mirror...My legs and arms look better. My stomach has decreased...I'm almost completely pain free in my ankle. Which is huge! It feels great to walk the rugged sections of the park with no issue. 

I managed to re-annoy a few old injuries - my shoulder and knee and back over the last month. But, some great sessions with my acupuncturist and chiropractor put everything back in good order. So...that's slowed things a bit.

Now that I'm feeling stronger....I'm looking forward to being able to work harder and see more results!