Sunday, August 16, 2009

Should You Invest In a Personal Trainer? - Part II;_ylt=AkUFZCksVQh6q.2ksNf10N9qbqU5

The latter part of this article really got me thinking....Hmm...Let me think about the keys things that matter about working with a personal trainer.

1. Reasonable and Realistic Goals - Check....Now. That is. Originally, my goal was really quite ambitious. A more suitable time frame (for me) is to lose 25 to 30 lbs in 4 or 5 months not 3 months.

2. Your Motivation (or Perhaps Proper Motivation) - Check. For me, me, me! That has changed. Except, that now I see that this will put me in a better position to help others around me, to have healthy pregnancies and be a good role model to my babies, and to be and stay a healthy wife.

3. Acknowledgement of the Hard Work Ahead - Check. Check. I fully realize just how much hard
work this thing is. It's more than a zumba class here and a salad there. It's about dedicated workouts each week and healthy eating each day. But what keeps me going, is that I will reach my goal. I won't have to work as hard as I do now, but I am setting the foundation to keep the what I have worked so hard for.

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