Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Help

So....I decided that this time in losing the weight I needed some help.

The last time I worked with my work's gyms trainers - they put together a plan for me to follow & gave me some basic nutritional and diet tips. They checked in with how I was doing every 6 weeks.

So...I hired a personal trainer about 6 weeks ago...I met with her for one session, she did a health assessment and put together a plan for me to follow on my own, and am I meeting with her once a month. (We just had our first session a week and half ago...She kicked my butt!)

About 3 weeks I ago...I decided that I really needed to change my eating habits too, but the thought of 'dieting' was overwhelming. So...I researched dietitians/nutritionists. I found a couple that seemed great...but was surprised at just how much working with them costs! I did some more searching and found one that was more reasonable and had a great program. We had our first meeting about a week & a half ago. She's great!

Although it's just been a few weeks, working with them has been good for me. They push me to obtain my goals and provide some encouragement along the way.

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