Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Sneakers

Well, I bought some new sneakers. Actually, two pairs of sneakers. One pair of adidas for walking (I've been walking around 3 miles a few mornings a weeks in addition to my evening workouts) & a pair of nikes for running (I am planning on doing a half marathon next year & want to work my way up with smaller races until then). I zumba a couple a times a week & I bought some new sneakers for that a few months ago.

I wasn't planning on it....Sure, I've read about the need to get a new pair of sneakers every so often, but I figured what's the big deal...I used one pair for my heavier workouts and a lighter pair for my zumba classes....My sturdier pair for my heavier workouts was just great.

But right before my last workout with my trainer, I noticed my sturdier pair was showing signs of wear and tear. Hmmmm...I gonna have to get a new pair soon...I thought and didn't think to much afterwards....

But, my next workout, I was feeeling some discomfort & pain in my legs....I've sat out of most of my heavier workouts this week because of it. I can't afford to injure myself like that again.

So, I went shopping....It took quite a bit of time....but I finally find some that took a while...

I can't remember the last time I've bought so many sneakers!

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