Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work It Girl

"You're losing weight" my cousin told me.

"You can tell?" I said. (I had my winter coat on afterall).

"Yep. Work It Girl"

That certainly made my day. I've been working hard. He also told me that I didn't need to lose any weight about 20 pounds ago. "Men want some meat on the bones".

One day months ago, I was having a pity party (kinda embarrassing to admit). I thought to the rate I'm losing weight, it'll be cold and I won't even be able to see the progress I've made...bulky sweaters, heavy coats, and scarves. Anyways, I was wrong....I can see the progress I've made...even in my coats, sweaters, etc. For example, I can actually zip up a pair of boots I bought last year ALL the way up over my calves!

My dietitian mentioned to me months ago that people probably won't notice the changes made until 15 or more pounds later. That certainly has held true. Except for those in my closest circle (my mom, workout partner, sister, and trainer), people didn't say anything about my weight loss until 20 lbs down.

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