Thursday, July 30, 2009

6 weeks ago‏

So with only 6 weeks to goal to my goal of 130 to 135 lbs (and mind you i started working to this goal 9 weeks ago) and the realization that I (most likely...never say never right?) won't hit it. I thought I'd list the things that I have accomplished in the last 6 weeks to encourage myself about what could happen in the next 6.

1. I was 5 pounds heavier

2. I had extra inches around my stomach & hips

3. I didn't have as much stamina in my Zumba & Global Soul class

4. I still had saddlebags

5. I hadn't reduced my coke (a cola) habit (Anywhere between 16 to 64 oz)

6. I wasn't drinking enough water

7. I wasn't getting enough (or even a reasonable amount) of fruits/non-starchy vegetables/protein.

8. I wasn't strength training

9. I hadn't worked out several days a week for consecutive weeks in almost a year

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