Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Popcorn's Dirty Secret


OKAY...if you didn't know that movie popcorn was not the best for you...You had to be a dummy....

Saw that article and found that interesting because last night I read an article about how AMC movie theatre is banning outside food (and working on making more options available).


CONFESSION: we regularly brought in outside food and snacks to the theatres along w/ eating the popcorn.

But, since, I've been working on snacking smarter I bring outside food with the sole purpose to eat better. The healthy options are just not there.

Anywhoo, AMC's ban won't stop me from bringing snacks...What are going to do? Search and confiscate items from my purse? LOL...

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natalie a said...

We always bring outside food... why because I don't want pickles, yucky popcorn or candy...so almonds, cereal or crackers are nice....not to mention you get to conrol the calories...content...and quality :)

hey at least I'm honest..I can't afford $6 Junior Mints