Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nipping It In the Bud

So...I've written this post about 5 times in my head...each time it has most of the same message but with a different focus....

I've been tolerating being over my acceptable weight range for almost 3 months now. First, a pound, then two, now 7. And, enough is enough. It's time to nip it in the bud.

A few weeks ago a coworker approached me and said Cute outfit...You are doing a good job at keeping the weight off...I thanked her and yes, it' true that I have kept at least 20 pounds off for a year and half. That was a good reminder to keep the course...We actually were in the cafeteria so I definitely ate especially well that day :) But, it also reminded me to shake off the rest of the weight.

Honestly, the last few weeks, I've been a mix of feeling....I've been frutrated that the weight has come off as fast as I wanted. Mad at myself for letting my weight creep up. Sad that I had forgotten about the girl who worked sooo hard to get this weight off.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO What Am I Gonna Do To Nip It The Bud???? Honestly, I am still trying to figure it out. Living Social had a deal for 8 personal training sessions for $40 dollars. I snapped that up and started working with with them a week and a half ago...I brought Thin for Life and Fit to Live up from the basement and hope to read them in my "free" time. Thin for Life is one of the very few books that deals with weight maintenance.

I also pulled out a plan that my dietitian gave me to use when I would plateau for a week or two. It works but I don't necessarily love it doing it. For the most part, I haven't been counting calories in over a year...but focusing on eating all the food groups with balance....So, I guess, I am back to counting calories.

But, when I mentioned to my friends today that I too want to shake off some weight...They've gained weight? You wear it well...We can't tell...

I guess that agrees with something I've been thinking alot about...I am smaller than I used to be...Looking good in many areas....I think that is do in part to some of my exercise habits. But, I am bigger than I was and technically not in at a healthy bmi...

I think that can be the difficult part of maintaining...keeping vigilant about staying within that healthy weight range/exercise levels even though you may be in better shape then what you've been before.

So here we go, the journey to shake off these extra pounds. Today my weight was 144.4...135 here we go!