Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fit Woman VS. Fat Woman

I've been thinking alot about maintaning weight loss. A flex in weight and time spent exercising up or down is normal.

I stumbled upon this blog post (http://sweet-potatopie.blogspot.com/2007/09/barriers-to-weight-loss-what-black.html) and it really got me thinking about what fit woman do vs. fat woman. This Sweet Potato Pie post was focused on the struggles of African American woman with losing weight, but I think that issue is more universal than that. What do fit woman do differently than fat woman? What will I have to do to stay/be a fit woman?

What level of weight gain and/or lack of exercise will be unacceptable? Oh and I guess I should add...how many days of unhealthy eating will be unacceptable?

So, I'm sure I may tweak this going forward. But for now I will say that 1) 137 lbs or higher is unaceptable. A weight of 140 lbs is a danger zone and means that serious tweaks to my diet and/or exercise program is in order including a discussion with my nutrionist and/or a meeting with my personal trainer. 2) A week of less than 4 days of exercise is unacceptable. 3) A period of more than 2 days of (mostly) healthy eating is not acceptable.

Fit Woman

1. Do not allow more than a 10% weight gain without taking action

2. Fit woman do not allow long periods of time to pass without exercise

3. Do not allow themselves to fall off the wagon

4. But if they do, they get right back on it

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