Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ms. Hallie

Nope....not Halle Berry....

Ms. Hallie is my nutritionist. I've been working with her for 6 weeks and it has been great! (It's also been a lot of work too)

I started looking for a dietitian when I realized that I needed help getting back to healthy eating. She has a 7 week program specific to weight loss...It's personalized according to your overall goals, weight, and activity level. She put together a plan for me to follow. I'm watching and working on my calorie intake, my overall food group intake: vegetables, fruits, proteins/meats, oils, and carbohydrates, and tracking my food. My sessions with her a mixture of weighins and lessons on food. The best session might have been her grocery shopping with me. All that for $140!

I can't believe how quickly these weeks have gone. Next week, will be our final session of the 7....

BUT....She suggested doing some short sessions with her...perhaps only weighing and ask a quick question or two for the next several weeks. It would be a dollar a minute and I could allocate how I want to spend my time with her. So, I think I'll do 5 12-minute sessions....That'll put us in mid October. Hopefully, I will be close to the last of my weight loss by then.

Also, she has a ten week group class session for $95 focused on healthy living (and weight loss) starting in mid October. She says that she focuses on some of things covered in the individual sessions as well as bringing in a healthy snack ideas each class. That'll take me right through the holiday season :)

I decided to definitely do these sessions last week. Yeesh, $295 for working with a nutritionist. But I decided, it's worth it. It's worth not having to pay for doctor's bills or medications, not having unnecessary wear & tear on my body, and a happy self image.

Anyways, if your struggling with how to make your diet work or don't know where to start. I would highly recommend working with a dietitian/nutritionist. Some healthplans cover working with one (including mine, but I decided to go 'out of network' - I won't be getting reimbursed).

This has been one of the best decisions I could have made. I feel like I am back in control! I've lost about 7 pounds in about 6 weeks. Not too shabby....

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