Saturday, April 14, 2012 Order o776638765

After weeks of impatiently waiting for this product to finally launch, I was able to purchase a nike fuel band on Tuesday! The large size band sold out in less than 2 hours - medium size within 24. 

Last year, during my follow-up session with my dietitian, she suggested purchasing a bodybugg to really track just how many calories were associated my day to day activity - including exercise. So...I could more adequately burn calories. I researched the bugg and also the fitbit. I found them interesting but wasn't exactly sold on either one. I loved the idea but not the device. 

When black fitness blog posted about this about a month and half ago, I knew I wanted this right away! I visited the information page and watched a few more of the information videos, but I was really already sold.


According to UPS, it's supposed to arrive on Tuesday. I CAN'T wait!!!

Do you have a bodybugg or fitbit or nike fuel? Would you consider buying one?


Dawnya said...

I have a fitbit and a bodybugg (which I can't find). I dropped my fitbit on Friday...ran it over with my car. I have already ordered the replacement. But I have been checking out the fuelband. It may be my next purchase.

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

oh no...about the fitbit. I actually thought long and hard about getting that.

i can't wait to try out the fuelband!