Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weight Loss Buddies

I am enjoying having some weight loss buddies join me at UHF! I convinced a few friends to try it out this session...

When I decided to get more healthy and active a few years ago, I got to moving - by myself. I would walk or walk/run in mornings. I enjoyed the alone time - alone with my thoughts. I tried a few new classes. Sometimes times I invited friends to join me but didn't wait to experience them if they couldn't join me. I worked with a personal trainer too for several sessions. She had a discounted package for a small group of people but I preferred to work one on one with her. 

Months after I got to goal (more or less), my trainer - who by then had become a friend - invited me to join her to 24 Lift class. I loved it! Afterwards, we walked on the treadmill or stair machine or bikes for about an hour. Soon, we were regularly meeting up for a some type of class and a cardio session afterwards. We would catch up on the latest, talk about our days, or even talk about our health/fitness goals...It was great! 

I learned just how wonderful a workout buddy can be! What work well is that we were compatible - in terms of interests, endurance/ability, and focus. Months later our schedules changed and we weren't able to work out anymore.  :( Working out solo again wasn't as much fun....

Anywhoo, yesterday, my girls and I finished a killer session at UHF! Suicides, lunges, more suicides, more lunges. And, then three rounds of sparing with a partner - deadman lifts w/ a kettlebell - and set of planks/mountain climbers/hip raises/knee strikes. 

After, we were done...I invited them to join me for a walk (a few times a week I power walk or walk/run after class). We had a great time...laughing, sharing, goal planning, etc...and finished 2 miles while we were at it.

Looking forward to the walks to come!!!!

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