Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Just A Little Bit of Baby Phat

Do you track your body fat percentage? Do you have a body fat percentage goal?

I never new my body fat percentage until 2005. My weight had been recorded and known each year before then...In 2005, the gym I utilized for work out plans and measurements (my work has a small gym on site with limited hours and a staff including ace/afaa certified personnel) recorded that too - 29.6% (I just recently found the measurement sheets). Down to 25.9% in 2006, 2007. Back up in 2008 and early to mid 2009. 

It wasn't until I started working one and one with my trainer that I really started to understand the importance of the body fat percentage. In June 2009, my body fat was recorded at 36.4%. I am sure the staff at the other gym must have mentioned it...My body fat was something to work on too...But, she did such a wonderful job of helping me understand that we not only want to get my body weight to a healthy percentage but my body fat too. She help me understand how extra body fat impacted my health and appearance. She also helped me to understand that body fat was slower to change over time  - so progress there really spoke to continuous work and dedication. So, I researched it a little more and continue to read articles about it...By, March 2010, my body fat percentage was 29%.

I really wish I had jotted my body fat percentages down or paid more attention like I did with my weight. I bought a scale with a body fat percentage detector in late 2009. I really can't tell you what my body fat % percentages were for the past 2 years but I can tell you my weight at various points. 

Early 2010, I wanted to get down to a body fat percentage in the fit percentage range. But by late March, I realized that the fit percentage...was not quite how I imagined my body...So, I focused more on keeping my weight in a certain range and my percentage within average. But, exactly what that was - I can't tell you! 

At the beginning of this year...I was talking to my trainer friend about how I wanted to tone up my tricep area ( arms) more...The first thing he asked was what my body fat percentage was....29%...(I rounded down a bit I think it was like 29.7%). He said I would need to get it down so more...Right now...I'm seeing 27.9%. I've still got some more toning I'd like to do...on my triceps and tummy --- as well as a few more pounds to lose....So, I think that may mean my body fat percentage will need to go down some...

I am gonna really work on jotting down my body fat percentage and measurements at least once a quarter. But, monthly would be better.

I used to love this song!

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