Monday, April 23, 2012

I May Be In LOVE With My Nike Fuel+ Band

I know it's just been a few days...but I'm feeling some kinda way about it!!!!

I finally got my fuelband late Thursday night. I set it up for use for Friday...Setting a goal of 3,000 Nike Fuel Points (Nike's states -- 2,000 fuel points - average day, 3,000 - active day and 5,000 indicates a high-energy day).

Friday was a busy day at work and I spent most of the day working busily at my desk. But, as soon as work was over, I headed to a Zumbathon raising money for Marches for Dimes. It was a blast. Somewhere, in the midst of all the zumba-ing (2 hours worth), I hit my goal!

Saturday, I went and worked out at UHF. Grabbed some breakfast. Then headed to a Zumba class hosted by a locally owned Black firm....A few hundred ladies were in this max capacity free event! It was awesome! AGAIN - Somewhere, in the midst of all the zumba-ing (1 and 1/2 hour), I hit my goal! Later, I went to a kite festival with my sister & nephew - some walking, running, and struggling to get my kite to stay up in the air - I way surpassed my goal.

Sunday, was a very busy day of cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, babysitting the nephew, & more cleaning. Although I wasn't expecting to, I made goal again today...When you meet your milestone, there are cute animations with the cartoon character celebrating your achievement. My 6 year old nephew loved that just as much if not more than I did. (He also loved watching the points rack up.) The animations are fun to watch and give a sense of accomplishment.

The Nike+ Fuel Band doesn't track sleeping patterns or calories eaten. You can however track your trends through the day, weeks, months, and years. You can also compare to what others are accomplishing...You can see just how many calories are burnt - as well as steps taken. I varied from 1,115 to 1,480 calories burned all day. Workouts varied from 200 calories to 700 or so...

I'm LOVING it. It''ll be cool to actually track just how much activity I am expending everyday - not just guestimating. It's motivating! I feel a greater urge to hit my goal, and, in some cases, beat it! Friday night I worked really hard to hit the goal...It's creates a sense of (greater) accountability. Posting regularly means regular workouts. I'm gonna keep the 3,000 points goal for at least one week. I may need to bump it up some.

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