Sunday, March 25, 2012


2 years I ago, I became a licensed Zumba instructor!

I love Zumba Fitness! It's a great workout program. I discovered it about 5 years ago. I was looking for salsa lessons. Instead I found about a workout that mixed salsa, merengue, reggeaton, and other latin rythms. One class and I was hooked. 

A tall skinny white boy started the session. What's he gonna be able do - I thought? Within 15 minutes, I was dying. I barely made it through the rest of the class. I later would learn that Tony (the skinny white boy) and his wife, Jessica, the owners of the studio - were not only Zumba instructors but 12 of the original instructor specialists selected by the founder of Zumba to teach other instructors.

A few weeks later I found some classes that were closer to home. I loved the class's energy and the instructor's style. It was there in that class that I thought I would love to teach this someday. I had never wanted to teach a fitness class before...In fact, I had never taken any other aerobics class before Zumba. I really don't know what possessed me!

I continued Zumba-ing on happily as a student. The following spring my church announced that they would do a fitness program just for the ladies. I was home terribly sick. My mom signed me up and let me know the next week there was a meeting for volunteers. I was at a lost for words! 

How could you sign me up? I am not a fitness instructor! Well...she want to teach Zumba. Yeah...I said...but not now. But, anywhoo, I did indeed volunteer and we created an unique program which featured a dance aerobics portion...we made up routines to beyonce, mary j. blige, and nina skye. It was a blast. I made some wonderful friendships that are ongoing today. So in the end, I thank my mom she gave me the push out of my comfort zone to give teaching a try...

I didn't start teaching until about a year 16 months ago (long story short - terrible knee injury and several months of various treatments). 

I LOVE teaching!!!! I'm so thankful for the opportunity something that I enjoy and to share that with others.


Nellie said...

This is something I totally want to do! Aren'y you glad when mom butts in? :) It was a great way to get you started.

Dawnya said...

It's awesome what a little dance can do for your life. I adore Zumba. I haven't found a class that I love since the first class I took. I feel underworked at most. But I'm still trying different instructors.

I'm so glad that you are giving others the same love of movement that you enjoy.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Go Mom! LOL! Zumba is a blast each time that I have tried it. Good luck and keep up the great work.

Papi's Girl said...

I love Zumba too and taught it at my church for a couple of months. I am no longer an instructor but want to get certified again to teach. I miss it.

'Drea said...

A big up to mom for pushing you in the right direction and kudos to you for following through and getting your certification.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I am a Zumba freak!!! Love love love it!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

All - thanks so much for your sweet comments!!!

@Nellie - :) Mom's!

@Dawnya - Often I feel that they give back right back to me!

@Ebbs - It's soo fun!

@PG - I too first taught at church. Guess who is coming to town soon...Tonya and Gina! I'm ecstatic!

@Drea - thanks chica!

@HHGM - No better way to describe it. I am a freak too!