Saturday, October 26, 2013

Overslept and Had to Do Bodypump :(

Overslept, threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth, and ran out the door.

I realized that I would be way too late for the 8am UHF class and headed over to the 8:30 Strength Training class at 24.

But, the instructor had just "retired" from that class and now they were offering Bodypump in it's place. I really enjoyed that class - I would drive about 20 minutes away to take it - on Saturday before I joined UHF. So, now, I only get to do it every 6th week when we are on break. The instructor was a beautiful lady in her late 50s who was in great shape. She worked full-time as a nurse and taught a few fitness classes. She was a great role model.

And because she was older the class had a great mix of ages. About a year and half ago, they were going to end her class to bring in Bodypump. But, most of the class signed a letter stating we wanted her class and a few of us also talked to the manager about it. He promised that as long as attendance stayed up/steady he would keep the class.

Anyways...apparently, she taught her last class last week. The girl replacing her was nice enough. Definitely, didn't have the same panache. She did use or show how to use handweights for several of the exercises - which was nice - I haven't been to bodypump yet when an instructor does that (Although they'll tell you are free to use them). I think that was largely due to the class which was use to the mix you got in 24 Lift.

I really don't care for Bodypump. It doesn't help that I jacked up my shoulder in Bodypum either...I didn't do the shoulder track at all because I didn't want to risk re-injury...

But, afterwards, I went over to do Zumba. It was fun. The class was really nice. I've really got to find a regular Zumba class to be a part of...But, I'd rather do my hikes/walks at the Nature Park on Saturdays (at least for now - I'm not sure if I'll want to once it gets really cold).

Friday, a family friend invited me to check out a FREE Zumba class that a local center is offering. It was okay. I didn't love the girls music and it seemed that she didn't do enough repeat choreography throughout the songs (every few lines we were doing a different move).


Missy said...

I've just gotten into Bodypump this week and really liking it! I'm interested to hear what it is that you don't like. The thing I'm perplexed about is doing the same routine for 4 months before there is a new release... That seems strange. I'd love to hear about your experience!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I've tried it off and on over the past 2 years. But since last year, I just do it when I can't get to UHF class. Last weeks class was with an instructor I really liked. She was friendly and she showed lots of alternative moves. I would recommend standing as close as you can to the teacher so you can the technique. My personal opinion - be careful with the shoulder tracks. I hurt my shoulder in one of the clean/jerk moves. I googled to see if anyone else had hurt their shoulders in bodypump and I found several forums/postings.

4 months does seem like a long time! When I was doing it consistently, it was for the summer and fall but I don't remember it being the same track for so long. Maybe it was because I got lucky and started in an in-between time?

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Oh also...If you like using dumbbells more on certain moves, let the instructor know...he/she'll do better with telling/showing you alternatives.