Saturday, November 2, 2013

This Week's Workouts

I want to start capturing my weekly workouts in better detail...So here goes...

This week:
Went to UHF - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I had planned to workout Wednesday and Friday too. But, we got a surprise invite to see a special screening of 12 Years a Slave on Wednesday and I was so exhausted by the time I got home. It's really good - very powerful - go see it!

I also wanted to try out this Zumba Friday pm class but my good friend had an art gallery opening and I didn't want to miss it. By the time, I would have finished the class, got back home, and washed up and changed - I would have missed it all.

After, the UHF classes, I walked the treadmill for an hour at 24 Hours. I bumped into one of my friends from high school I see super rarely twice this week at the gym! It's been nice to have someone to talk to on the treadmill.

Next week I'll start to bump my intensity up and the incline a little sooner. I realized as I was talking to him that I've been a bit too conservative with my speed.

Tuesday's workout:

I did level II. I could only remember part of this workout (and Monday's and Thursdays for that matter). My coach posted it a few days ago in case we wanted to repeat at home. It was a totally challenging!

Saturday's Workout:

Saturday was killer! We warmed up by jogging a few laps, shuffling facing in and out, running with high knees and then butt kicks, and running a few laps. Then we did some 3 sets of "hindu" pushups and planks. Then we went into the "workout". We did two sets alternating 1) burpies and jumping a heavy rope, 2) low, low squats (on a tire) and lunges with weights, 3) shoulder lifts and squats with shoulder press, 4) crunches on a bosu ball and sandbag slams, and 5) bearcrawl to pushups and kettlebell swing to burpies. 

After class, I stopped and got some yogurt and some nuts and some applesauce and some water. Then walked/hiked at George Owens Nature park. It was beautiful with the leaves changing colors. It was also cold but once I got moving I was fine. I can see myself walking there as it gets colder as long as snow/ice isn't on the ground and I stay bundled up.

Next week I wanna start bumping my exercise to 6 days a week and a few two a days.

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