Thursday, October 17, 2013

My First Weight Watchers Meeting (164.6): Change is Good

This Thursday was my first meeting.

I weighed in at 168 (I weigh myself first thing in the morning - naked :) - this meeting was in the evening). I was given 28 points allowance.

My 5% goal is 8 pounds. 10% is 16 pounds.

The topic was "Change is Good". :) We'll how perfect was that for my first meeting? I'm doing something new...

I've been trying to think about some of the new things I did this year healthwise. I tried Aqua Zumba, Aqua Fitness, Went Back for Another Opinion on My Ankle, Found a New Acupuncturist (after mine stopped seeing patients), and of course, WW.

I'm must admit I am feeling overwhelmed. How can I reach the 5% goal? 8 pounds feels like a huge mountain to climb.

I've worked at all summer and haven't felt like I made significant process. I am traveling next week for work and concerned about losing ground. I have a trip to a Caribbean island in December to do some work for a non-profit I'm on the board for and I REALLY want to be down to 149 but I'll take 155.

I think if I can hit 158 - the  5%. I will begin to really look and feel really good.

Winter is coming soon...and...I've got to get smaller to fit into my winter gear and clothes. I don't want to buy ANYTHING. For the summer, I went to thrift store shopping and purchased some a-line skirts. Enough for about 2 weeks of work. Quite a few are super cute and I'll continue to wear them after the weight is off.

The fit and flare look is flattering on my body type, but, I'm ready to have more variety in my clothes. 

I know I have made progress. I am getting slimmer. I am improving in my cardio and strength endurance. I'm just ready to be "there" already.

69 days left in the year and I'm determined to end it harder, better, stronger, and faster.

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Missy said...

Great start! You can totally do it. Excited to see you hit your 5% goal!