Friday, October 18, 2013

I Need More Zumba In My Life

Tonight was a really fun! My girls and I went to a 2 hour zumbathon raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

I was nervous how I would do. The last month or so, I've been walking for cardio. When we have to run laps at UHF during my HIIT interval class, I can definitely feel my need to improve my cardio capacity and endurance.

I was nervous how my ankle would hold up. I had a blast and I felt great for most of the zumbathon. I took a few quick breaks or cut back on my intensity on a few songs.

This week has been a tough one emotionally - honestly. I've been feeling overwhelmed with my work and my finances. Still experiencing - although much improved - some ankle pain. And, these ~25 lbs to lose.

It was so fun tonight to let all that go and just dance.

I am excited because I now really think my goal for get back to teaching Zumba in the new year is doable. I held up great yesterday. 2 and 1/2 more months of working on my ankle & cardio endurance, I should be in a good place!

Halfway through, I realized I had once thought about what I couldn't do or wasn't comparing myself to what someone was doing or what I used to do. I don't know why...but since I've started back at UHF in mid-July I'm constantly thinking about what I can't do (yet) or what I used to do or how I can't keep up with "......" anymore.

So, I am gonna add more Zumba in every week!

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