Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Tired (142.6 lbs)

That is all...

Taught Zumba. Got my Nephew. Deposited the $$$ I earned. Headed to 24 Fitness for a strength workout. Misplaced my earphones...found it...misplaced a credit card...found it...forgot my water bottle...got it. Finally got inside the gym. Got the nephew into the kid's center (which he loves for some reason). And then just had 45 minutes to work it out...My strength routine is usually about an 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. :( Got the nephew and headed to Burlington Coat. Got terribly lost on a road detour. Finally got to Burlington Coat...Made the return. Got Home. The nephew had homework to do...Finished that. Cooked me a quick & super easy meal. Bathtime. Book Reading...Night Night.

A new appreciation for (single) mothers trying to get/stay healthy, I have...I have my nephew on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights as his mother is in grad school. Juggling him, Zumba, volunteer work, and trying to squeeze in extra workouts is tough. I'm also working on my ARM, Associate of Risk Management, it's a designation for insurance and risk professionals. I have to do self-study after work. It's work to stay focused and to remind yourself what you really want. I guess I will just see this as practice as I know eventually I will have a family...and I want to remain healthy and active.


MissHaneefa said...

Woooo, what a busy evening! Glad to see that you got everthing done.

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Everything but the studying for the ARM! Just couldn't will myself to do it. You're rocking the Yoga Challenge.

Gina Anig said...

What made you decide to become a fitness instructor? (Feel free to direct me to a previous blog post!) I'd love to do that one day.

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Hi Gina, I've been relatively active as a child - teen - and young adult...in various sports/activities. But, I had never thought of being a fitness instructor. I was looking for salsa lessons and learned about a class that mixed salsa/merengue/reggeaton/etc. and aerobics all in one. I took that class. It was alot of fun, but it was exhausting. I realized how out of shape I was. A few weeks later I tried it again - with another instructor at another studio. Her steps were easy, challenging, and fun! I thought...I would love to do this someday.

Several months later...my church wanted to start a fitness program for the ladies. I was away when they announced the program, but my mom signed me up (without checking in with me! - I never would have signed up on my own) Anyways...so, me and 4 other girls created and taught really fun dance aerobics routines for about 8 weeks. It was a good push for me though...It gave me the courage and experience to take the next step much sooner than I ever would have.

The next spring I taught the class again. By the end of that summer, I was the heaviest I had ever been. Determined to get fit and stay fit and also wanting to teach the next fitness session as a "professional", I worked out really hard that summer. I wanted to get licensed that fall. When the fall arrived, I had a knee injury...So, after several months of physical therapy. I got licensed in the spring. It was an awesome experience!!!!

I didn't start teaching until about 8 months after I got licensed...I realized I need more time to get my knees stronger...I did about 4 months of physical therapy & a month of chiropractic work.

I will have taught Zumba for a year in another week. I've learned so much this year...about myself and teaching - I have so much more to learn.

Things I did to prepare...I read lots of books and articles on health & health related issues. I started working on routines and finding songs that I loved. I also visited different classes to learn from different instructors.

If you are thinking about it...I so encourage you to go for it! I also recommend studying/preparing for a nationally recognized group fitness designation (like afaa). Some gyms won't hire you without it. If you have any other questions for me, let me know.