Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Weeks - 5 Pounds to Go (142 lbs)

35 days to get to 137...135 preferably....A pound or so a week.

I started bumping up my exercise about 5 weeks ago. I added back strength training. I also did three weeks of a high intensity, interval training at Urban HITT FITT in Independence, MO. (I think I will separately blog about that). I love training just isn't very convenient to get there. I'm

I started tracking....inconsistently about 5 weeks ago too. Several times a week...Sometimes...everyday.

But, if I am gonna get to where I wanna go...I am gonna have to do two things: 1) be consistently consistent and 2) bump it up a notch.

Consistently Consistent....I was reviewing my info entered into the TargetWeight app on my iphone. I started tracking my weight with this tool in June. June 15th I was 145...some ups and downs...back to 145.2 on July 5th. I ate better, met with my dietitian a few times, add a few double day workout sessions, and strength training...Went to a Zumba Instructor Convention. I wasn't making progress like I wanted. But, I just kept pushing - telling myself...consistently consistent is what gets results. August 4, I was 139.8. How did I get there? I kept up the workouts and the healthy eating - even when I didn't feel like I was making progress. So...I gotta continue the same even though I am not making the progress I'd like. I've gotta keep up the good meals, tracking, and exercise....I will get there!

Bumping It Up a Notch...I've gotta push a little bit more. I read two blogs recently - both by dietitians that were a good reminder...The closer I am to my goal weight...the harder it is to get there...So, I am gonna need to add variety and greater focus. So, I will track more faithfully AND I am gonna try some different cardio/strength training classes/exercises.

Wishing you a successful, profitable, healthy week! 


Dawnya said...

You will get there. You have a plan. You got this. I can't wait to celebrate your success!!!

MissHaneefa said...

Sounds like you are focused and ready! You got this!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Ladies! Thanks :) Let's go!

TC30s said...

way to go friend..this is so exciting!