Sunday, November 13, 2011

If Only It Was That Easy (????lbs - I've been on the road)

***Taking a quick break from working on some choreography for Zumba****

Today's Groupon for Kansas City had two "quick and easy" weightloss options...

1) For only $26 ($71.86 Value), one could get a pair of Weight-Loss Hot Pant.  Zaggora's pants "slim bodies by up to two jeans sizes in two weeks" by "using a...bioceramic material that emits infrared rays". Also, the pants helps eliminates cellulite targeting "thighs and other dimple-prone areas by galvanizing the skin's internal zamboni to promote a deep warming of body tissues and promote lymphatic drainage".  You can wear the pants by themselves or under clothes- whether asleep or active.

IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY....I would buy two pair...One to wear while the other was in the wash. As of 9:45, 500 people had purchased a pair of these pants. But...How many will workout? Cut back on fried foods? Eliminate the sodas? Get enough sleep?


2) $249 for HCG Weight-Loss Program (a $500 Value).

IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY...40 days of an extreme diet and injections improperly prepares anyone for keeping the weight loss off. Those 40 days weren't spent working out 3 to 6 days a week or developing the discipline of making time no matter what and pushing yourself physically. Those 40 days weren't spent forming the habit eating healthy lunches and dinners.

I loved the disclaimer..."HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective therapy in the treatment of obesity. Potential side effects include anaphylactic reactions as well as side effects resulting from low caloric intake."

It served as a good reminder...Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Healthy Living isn't always "easy". It takes effort and focus. Somedays - some weeks it may be "easy". Am I truly doing the things that produce the results I want? What am I really wanting? With 6 weeks (Just 48 days) left of the year...I really want to be back within my "healthy, happy weight" by the end of the year (135-137). But, really, I really want to be healthy, happy for the long-haul. Any positive steps to that effect should celebrated. 

Here's positive to thoughts to a healthy, happy, productive week! 


MissHaneefa said...

I saw those pants to and I am really curious about them....

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I've never seen anything like them before!