Monday, March 22, 2010


I am so excited to share that I am now a Zumba Instructor.

I took the workshop this weekend.

I can't believe that I am finally 'certified'.

I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun this weekend.

The instructor training was aboout 4 hours away in another state. My dear friend found out I was going down and asked if she could accompany me. We had a fun "Zumba" themed girls trip.

We did an hour and half long master's Zumba class on Saturday night along with other Zumba instructors, instructors to be, and fanatics.

Sunday I spent 8 hours getting certified. I don't think I've worked out that much in my life in one day!


Ro said...

I am so very happy for you.
And hour and half....OMG....that Zumba kicks my butt after 20 minutes...except for yesterday...that instructor was HORRID! She was really slow and it was BORING...
Way to go Chick that is AWESOME for real!

'Drea said...

The marathon workout sounds like a lot of fun and I wouldn't have minded the calories burned either.

Kudos on getting certified AND having fun during the process.

Crys said...

Woohooo! I love Zumba but the classes are so hard to find!! Congrats on getting certified! :)

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

@ Ro- Thank you! It was a killer hour and half...I am sooo excited I can't wait to start teaching.

@ Drea - Thanks! It was one of the best workouts I've had EVER.