Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ways to Have Your Girl Scout Cookies and Eat Them, too!

***********Only one more day of this fast left and when it's over I can FINALLY eat some girl scout cookies. I saw this article and thought it gave good advice. I LOVVVVVEEEE girl scout cookies - Carmel D-Lites in particular. Your favorites? **********

Ways to Have Your Girl Scout Cookies and Eat Them, too! By Brandi Koskie -

Just three weeks ago you made a resolution to get fit, start a diet, or eat healthier. And then your doorbell rang and a Girl Scout announced that cookie season had begun and waved that tempting order form under your nose to coax you right out of your resolve and back in to the familiar loving arms of her $3.50 a box cookie haven.

If you're struggling between wanting to indulge in your favorite Thin Mint, Samoa or traditional Trefoil, don't fear the double-edged sword that is the Girl Scout Cookie. You can support your friendly neighborhood scout and not wipe out your weight loss goals in one crumby setting. It's mind over matter, and your mind is far stronger than the sugar in those cookies.

Follow these five tips for surviving Girl Scout Cookie season with your willpower, weight and philanthropic needs all satisfied:

1. Think Moderation. No matter what you're eating it's all about moderation. Don’t eat the cookies three times a day, or an entire sleeve or box all at once. Follow the serving size and allow yourself this small treat on occasion.

2. Savor the Flavor. Don’t hover over an open box and shovel in cookies. Instead, pull the serving of two, three or four cookies out and place on a plate. Then, sit down and take your time savoring each bite. Treat these cookies like you would your favorite slice of cheesecake from Chez La Where Ever.

3. Count Calories. The nutrition label really is important, not just taking up space from those cute Scout pictures. Stick to the serving size and add those calories to your daily count. If you grab a second serving worth of cookies, multiply those calories, fat grams, etc. by two.

4. Think Small. If you're trying to satisfy a craving, that is typically done within the first few bites of a food. Avoid ordering enough cookies to last the rest of spring and instead order just one box of your favorite flavor. Then, see number two and savor the flavor!

5. Share! It's a simple, generous concept that can save you a load of calories. If you don't trust yourself with the cookies, but want to support the next door neighbor, buy the cookies and then get rid of them. Share them with a senior center, ship them to the troops, take some to a shelter, or anyone else whose day could be brightened by a box of cookies.


1ghettogirly said...

OMG, I have been avoiding these things like the plague!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

My coworker was "being nice" and left me a package of them! I didn't know whether to thank him (i love 'em) or punch him (i want to eat the whole box!).