Monday, January 25, 2010

Being A Gluten-Free Vegan

24/7 is how I am living for another week.....

My church is fasting for 3 weeks (2 down). Only allowable foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and water. We have done this every year for sometime.

This year, however, it's been 'easier' for me. Thanks to working with my dietitian, 1) I am better at eating strategically throughout the day, 2) eating foods that are more filling and satisfying, 3) working on eating more balanced meals of fruits/veggies/protein.

I've also been eating a few new items (and some old favorites) that are gluten-free/dairy/meat free. Some, I only eat during this fast. A few things I think I'll keep after this fast is over.

Here are a few of my 'have to have' foods. These are things I would/do eat off the fast:

1. Quorn products --- meat substitute made from corn protein

2. Sunkist Smoothies --- 100% juice. No sugar added. No artificial ingredients. I really like the strawberry banana & mango flavors.

3. Burger King Veggie Burgers -- I take off the bun and keep on the veggies...Yummy. I eat w/ their side salad and apples.

4. GeniSoy Parmesan & Garlic Potato Crisps - Low fat, trans fat-free, cholesterol-free, and all natural. I eat them w/ some hummus (roasted red pepper), and it's a great and filling snack.

5. Of course, veggies...But, I especially make good use baked potatoes and large salads.

PLEASE believe I can't wait for the fast to be over! :) I can't wait to have cheese, yogurt, bread, chicken!!!!! Being a Gluten-Free Vegan is NOT for me....More power to those who are....Or are one or the other.

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