Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 Lift

My (ex) trainer invited me to join a strength class (24 Lift shown in the video) with her at 24 Hour Fitness (we're both members). I LOVED it! I never would have taken it if I had not been invited. I generally take "fun" group exercise classes like Zumba or Brazilian Samba or Global Soul Dance. If you are a 24 Hour Fitness member, I strongly recommend it.

It was so challenging and offered plenty of variety. I enjoyed working out with several different types of equipment....barbells, handweights, & benches.

When I do strength days, I just stick to the machines....I don't care for free weights. With the machines, I have less to worry about when it comes to form or needing support. I am excited that this class is opening up new ways of exercising for me...It got me trying things that I wouldn't have on my own or w/o a trainer.

I'm soooo close to my goal weight which I am excited about! But, I'd like to tone up my arms, stomach, and thighs some more and I think this class will really help!

I think one of my favorite parts of the class was a guy right in front of me. He would dance to the music any chance he got....It was hilarious....I was watching him shake his hips thinking he should be in Zumba....Later on, I overhead him tell another classmate that he tried Zumba for the first time that week and really liked it. :) LOL! I guess he still felt that grooving...


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great class. I wish I had time to do a class. Maybe in the summer.

Ro said...

This is one of my fav clsses. It really makes you feel all "swole" Glad you liked it. Zumba is tonight for me. Wish me luck!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

@ Melissa...I LOVED it. Hope you can find the time to check something like this out soon.

@ Ro....I felt like a bad a&^ after....LOL. It's amazing what working w/ a barbell makes you feel. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ZUMBA! Hope you have fun.