Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Tipping Point (153.4)

So last year, I started the new year at about the same weight I am now. I wanted to shake off 7 pounds by the Spring and then drop 3 to 5 more before my birthday.

But things didn't quite go as planned, physical therapy took months instead of weeks. Without being able to 'really' work out and some other life stressors, I felt like I was dieting & hated it. I really loved the balance of watching what I eat and exercise.
So I stopped watching as closely as watching as closely what I ate. I had more than the usual indulgence. In the back of my mind, I thought you've been watching so closely what you ate the last nine months - you kinda deserve this. I convinced myself that I would be able to easily lose any extra weight once I got back to full activity. Two business trips in a month's span didn't help anything.

I added running laps in the pool, aqua boot camp, and aqua zumba. Then later in the summer, I was back at UHF. I lost some weight right away, then toned up, but never made any more progress for the rest of 2013.

I've been at 153 for a few weeks. 3 Actually. I had wanted to start June 1 at 149. In the 40s...after a year plus.

I've been busy, busy with work & a charity I am on the board with. So I haven't gotten in all my workouts. My eating has been good but I've had extra indulgences.

And, honestly, I'm looking and feeling pretty dang good. I have more work to do. Ive lost 15 to 17 pounds! But in certain outfits - I feel and look really good! Even when I'm not in my clothes - I can see and acknowledge the positive changes. I've been trying to practice better selfcare and my hair, skin, nails are looking better too! 

Now that I'm back 'here'  - I see how I didn't work as hard to get back to my 'safe zone' as I could have last year.Of course, complicating that was my ankle and knee injuries...

The other day I put on a dress that I had bought last year and now it fits really good. And I thought about how close I was last year to goal...And how close I am now to the next goal. I thought about the huge difference 2 or 3+ extra pounds can make on 5'2 frame - not to mention 10 or 15+ extra pounds.

I'm at the tipping point. If I'm not careful I won't progress - I might even regress. Or it'll take me til December to do what I should by August.

I need to drop about a pound a week the next two months to hit the challenge requirements and my personal goals. I have two important family events - one the last week of July and the other 2 weeks later - that I want to feel my best. 


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