Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four Eyes (153.2)

Ive worn glasses since I was 12. I started wearing contacts exclusively at 14. My junior year of college I had to start wearing glasses again. Late night study sessions caused me to overwear my lenses & my eyes needed the to breathe and recover. But I still wore contacts sometimes - a lot of the times.

Somewhere - somehow in the middle Of corporate America, I stopped wearing my contacts so frequently. I started wearing my glasses most of the time and my contacts every once in a while. 

Then I gained the "corporate twenty" and lost it and then regained it - slowly. And I started wearing my glasses more to breakup how "wide" my face had become.

But even after I lost the weight again I was so used to wearing my contacts less that I started to mostly wear them for 'special' occasions. Well then I broke my glasses -  early this year. They didn't have the same frame anymore & I wasn't feeling the new options.

So I've been rocking contacts all year long - even though I'm heavier again &losing the pounds again. 

So - a few days ago - a churchmember told me they like my 'new look' - no glasses. I told him I've worn contacts since 13 off & on but broke my glasses on accident . Then he went on to say its the difference maker between him trying to talk to me or not. But then my girlfriend who was nearby agreed. Said I don't even look like the same person and I should limit my glasses wear. 

It's not the first time I've heard that. I had heard that last year when I changed my profile pic - to one with no glasses. And one of my friends said it doesn't even look like me. In Jan, another girlfriend said she liked the no glasses look and thought it showed my facial features. My hairdresser said she thought I had very pretty eyes and they're always covered up...

So of course - I went through my pictures over the last several years and they were right. I look so different without the glasses. The glasses tend to obscure my full smile. Also,I'm realizing one of my best features is my eyes - my eyes are a very distinct almond shape - clearly those are obscured with the glasses.  

And, maybe most importantly, I don't think my face really looked slimmer with the glasses....after all.

What has helped my face looked slimmer? Diet & exercise :) 

Anyways, what does all this have to do with health and wellness? It got me thinking about the things that we do it in an attempt to camouflage our extra weight that really doesn't work. Wearing black. Wearing bigger baggy clothes. Avoiding stripes. Avoiding certain haircuts and hairstyles.

Anyways...just a few more pounds to go...Does 8 to 10 pounds count as a few? :) I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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