Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Shape Week: My Musings On Being A Curvy Girl

I realized I haven't been "wearing my curves". For months, I have been wearing a-line skirts and dresses, flowy tops, and jackets. I haven't worn things are more form fitting.
A week  ago I was chatting with my sister and she asked about my first weight watchers meeting. I told her I am overwhelmed knowing that I have to do this again (lose 20 pounds).  I started to tear up...
She said "You have a beautiful hourglass shape. You don't need to lose any weight. Plenty of women want your shape..."
Her words have been reverberating in my head.


I think almost everyone has a weight that they feel the best in. I do. I feel I look really great about 134-137. Most clothes fit the way I want. I like what I see in the mirror - clothed and unclothed. But, 139-142 is also really flattering. Alot of the clothes fit the way I want and I like much of what I see in the mirror - naked and fully dressed. 145-147 can be pretty good too. Not as great as the other weights but pretty darn good.
But at the weight I am now - I do not feel my best. I don't like the additional weight. 

I gave away my "fat" I can only really fit a few things that have flared cuts.  I picked up some really cute retro skirts from some thrift stores in the late spring but I purposely picked a-line cuts that I knew I could wear once I've lost the weight. Somewhere in the process of trying to wear clothes that fit and flatter w/ limited wallet impact AND losing this darn weight, I think I've forgotten to embrace the curves I do have.

The more I thought about it - the more I realized I had quite a bit to think about/talk about.  So, this week I am going to explore being shapely...being curvy...being me...

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'Drea said...

Enjoy your exploration.

Your sister seems very smart and kind...

I think that I made a mistake with not getting rid of enough of my "fat" clothes.