Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tripped & Fell On My Sprained Ankled :(

Last Monday, I tripped last week and fell and landed on my side with my spained ankle as I was rushing out to meet a client for dinner. 

I was starting to feel better - almost normal. My ankle swole up again, was painful, and I got a new bruise. I spent the next few days at a conference educating and entertaining clients along with the rest of my team. By Friday, the swelling and pain hadn't come down so I went back to my doctor. He examined my ankle, prescriped me a 800g of ibuprofen (which I am to take every 8 hours), and a air splint for a month. He then sent me off for x-rays. The x-ray technician was so kind as to have a doctor in the office look at the x-rays and tell me the results before I left (since she knew I had fallen and we were approaching the holiday weekend - she wasn't sure when my doctor could reach me) - no fracture :) So thankful!!!

The airsplint looks like this. I had to be customed fitted for it.

I'm still in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort, but I am moving around pretty well. I'm frustrated that I can't fully workout or prepare for teaching class or even get around like I want to...I've gained a few pounds. I know that I have lost some of aerobic capability and some muscle tone.

But, injuries and set backs happen to everyone at sometime. When I was in my second round of physical therapy for my knees 2 years ago, my physical therapist was talking about drive and focus and working hard and how as an athlete I have that to move forward and I would need to dig deep in it to keep progressing...I remember thinking I am not an athlete - anymore (I used to play in junior high - volleyball and basketball and intramural leagues in college - soccer, basketball, flag football). And before I could say anything to the contrary (he must have seen my face)...he begin to list the reasons why I was one. Something he said really registered with me and I put my game face on just like I used to - this time I was competing to get better. About a year later, as we were rounding out hour 6 of an 8 hour Zumba Instructor Training at the Zumba Convention Tanya Beardsley (Zumba Education Specialist and Superstar) told us to dig in - you are athletes too she said - work hard just like any other athlete would. And then, I re-read Refuse to Regain earlier this year...Dr. Berkley encouraged readers to view and outfit themselves as an athlete. She defined athlete as someone who consistently enjoys physical activity.

I am an everyday athlete. I compete against myself to make myself better. And, when I felt (feel) frustrated about this injury - I remind myself that sometimes setbacks happen to athletes but nothing is stopping me from moving forward.

So...I'm out of the game for a few weeks. But, I am determined to come back to game better than when I left it. Honestly, it's gonna be hard not to overdo it when I come back...I feel like training as hard as can as fast as I can as much as I can. But, I don't want to re-injure myself or a new injury so...I'll work to be smart about adding in extra activity.


'Drea said...

Love the definition of athlete and, definitely, take it easy as you regain your aerobic capacity.

Papi's Girl said...

Hope you get better soon. I know I hate to have something bring me down. I love staying active so I know how you must feel. Just take it easy and you will be back strong soon. :)