Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Success?‏

****I love this article. Sometimes, I don't make progress or as much progress as I can because I would like everything to be just right.;_ylt=AhnIRxyO66otknKfmVmItFRqbqU5

By Jane Powell -

"Action, not perfection, creates results."

When you start something new, don't worry about doing it perfectly, initially. Just start and recognize that adjustments will need to be made along the way. In other words, take action!

It’s easier to take action when you don’t expect perfection. Obstacles don’t intimidate you and adjustments are seen as part of the learning process. Expect them and be ready to reach into your tool bag for a solution at any moment.

Action, even imperfect action, will bring results, and, eventually, perfection may follow


'Drea said...

I have been struggling with several yoga poses. I can't even say that I'm struggling because I won't even attempt the poses in class because of my perfectionism.

Of course, if I don't practice...

Papi's Girl said...

Great post. Love it. I am a perfectionist and tend to be very hard on myself. I think that adds stress to my life that ultimately hinders my progress. Thanks for opening my eyes.