Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! I'm excited for what this year holds!

11 Things That Help to Keep me Healthy and Fit in 2011...(In No Particular Order)

1. Acupuncture

I turned to this to help with my knee pain. It was so effective! I really recommend acupuncture to help with various aches and pains (and other issues you may have).

2. Teaching Zumba

I loved teaching classes this year! I had some amazing experiences...including teaching in Colorado Springs, CO & at a local Breast Cancer Benefit Zumbathon. 

3. Going to the Zumba Instructor Convention

Was an AMAZING experience. Over 7,000 people attended. I met people from all over the world! Men and Ladies of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and abilities. 

4. Fitness Pal

I love this app! I can track my food easily on the go. I can use the scanning feature to capture the barcode on my food and skip the inputting of data on my own.

5. Working with a Dietitian

Checking back in with a dietitian to curtail additional weight gain and clean up my eating. Learning and discovering new recipes and healthy food options! I really enjoyed working with her - she was open and honest with me and we had a good chemistry.

6. Going to See A Therapist

My dietitian made this recommendation to think about seeing a therapist. She thought based on all that was on my plate I should think about talking to a therapist (she had recently gone and it was helpful for her). I am so glad I did this...It's important to be healthy in every area of our lives - including emotionally/mentally.

7. Urban Hiit Fitt

I love the challenge that this fitness program offers - High Intensity Interval Training! I found them right when I needed to mix things up!

8. New Healthy Eat Finds: O-Water, Hippie Chow Granola, Erin's Baker's Breakfast Cookies, Nature's Pantry & Green Acre's Health Food Store

Healthy Food that Tastes Good! Yum :)

9. Water with Raspberries

I've only been drinking with the raspberries (and sometimes lemon too) for the last 2 days of the year...A girl at the gym mentioned that she drinks water with frozen raspberries in it. I drink water with lemon...occasionally water with orange slices, but never berries. So I tried it....LOVED it! 

10. Tumblr

I know I'm late but I discovered these in November! I love the fitness and health tumblrs! So much great inspiration in pictures...

11. Blogging

Thanks to all the new and old followers! I love following your blogs...Enjoy your comments and interactions. 

A Few Health & Fitness Lessons (Re)Learned In 2011

1. Intense Exercise Doesn't Discount Eating Portions

Teaching Zumba and Prepare for Classes...Does Mean I'm working out hard but doesn't mean that I am working out THAT hard. Teaching Zumba up to four days a week does still mean that I need to pay attention to portion sizes...even if I am eating healthy foods.

2. Taking Care of Me Is Important

Just as eating healthy and exercising is important. So is getting enough sleep, taking breaks and rejuvenating myself, not over-committing, etc.

What I Want For 2012

1.  Work to Stay in Balance! Simplify as Needed!
2. Stay within Healthy Weight Range – 135 to 137
 3. Exercise 4 to 6 days a week
 4. Teach Zumba  
 5. Try a New Healthy Recipe Once A Month
     6.   Take Care of Me!
  II wish you success, peace, joy, love, and more in 2012!


'Drea said...

Happy 2012.

I'm right there with you on acupuncture. Anytime I feel out of sorts, I get in for a treatment.

Good luck with your 2012 goals...

Dawnya said...

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for sharing this. I love Zumba. Unfortuantely, I can't find a "good" class. I'm still searching though.

2012 is going to be a great year for you. Keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to thrive and grow. Be blessed!!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

@ Drea - I wished I had realized how good I could feel afterward sooner!

@ Dawnya - Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate the support. Good luck in finding a great Zumba class!