Thursday, May 9, 2013

Who Can Tell Me I Am Overweight?

Recent Events Have Me Thinking...Would it matter WHO told me I've put on weight? Would it matter HOW I was told I've put on weight?

A friend is working on losing 40lbs and works for a major health technology and software company. They provide a yearly check up and review with a nurse free of charge to each of their employees. It was during that checkup that the nurse pointed out that her bmi is now technically obese for her height and she had put on several pounds compared to last years checkup. The nurse then gave some pointers about how to lose the weight...But, the nurse herself is overweight. So, my friend pointed out...It was hard to hear what she was saying. Why wasn't she following her own advice?

Honestly, I don't know if it would have mattered to me...I listened when my doctor gave me advice. I took action when a family friend mentioned that I was overweight (the family friend herself was overweight too).

I listened when someone said it tactfully and I listened when they didn't.

I thought this was an interesting discussion on this topic:

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Kimberly Anne said...

Interesting! I am much more open to listening if it is said nicely & the person is in shape or in the process of getting themselves in shape.