Friday, May 3, 2013

Well, They All Can't Be Winners

I tried out a different water aerobics class Wednesday. It's at a 24 closer to my work and although it wasn't the aqua boot camp class, the class promised to mix cardio and resistance training.

The instructor was annoying. Her music was terrible (1950's pop hits). Alot of the class were goofing off - chatting and not working as hard as they could.

After this class, I can see how water aerobics gets a rap that it's not as challenging...

But, I got a great workout. Better than the aqua boot camp class I've been taking. Maybe because the other teacher caters to the mostly older ladies in the class? This class was mostly younger. We did jumping jacks, lounges, crunches, biceps, triceps, agility exercises and more. So, I'll be back...

Next week I'll be in Seattle for work and am hoping to try out a few classes at the Seattle 24 or perhaps find a Aqua Zumba class to try out.

Have a good weekend!

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