Tuesday, February 14, 2012

YeeHaw (137.4)

Saturday was the end of the 6 week challenge I participated in at Urban Hiit Fitt....

I really love working out there. Every day - every week there is a new challenge. A class might entail suicides, running up and down a hill, kettlebells, TRXs, dumbbells, sandbags, punching bags, bosu ball or tires. But never in a combination that is too familiar. I work out there 5 days a week.

I am ecstatic! I lost about 5 to 7 pounds these last 6 weeks. I wasn't expecting to hit 137 this week - with my hurt shoulder I haven't been able to work out as hard as I could if it were normal/healed. 

Saturday morning...I got up EARLY to Zumba! A friend (a fellow Zumba instructor and my former personal trainer) invited me to a Zumbathon. We Zumba-ed for an hour and half! It was a blast. About 6 other girls joined us. 

One the girls instructing is part of a special populations project that was first piloted here...She herself has special needs - she's in a wheelchair - missing her legs. I have so much to be grateful for! There is no excuse to find a way to keep it moving and stay healthy....

(This is an off week at Urban Hiit Fitt - so) Yesterday I went to PoleWorx...I have been underwhelmed with this place. I had such high hopes. I don't care for the location..I don't feel very secure there - in terms of my physical safety and the condition of the building (I work full-time as a professional liability underwriter - the whole time I'm there I'm thinking about how to make this place less risky...I mitigating risk and I'm not on the clock!!!!). The classes are okay...One of the instructors is subbing for another and it shows, another instructor recently moved back to KC after a failed relationship --- and is always bringing that up in class, and the pole class is a free for all - we don't learn moves in a pattern or in a routine - just whatever, however, whenever the "instructor" has a free moment.

So, I just had an epiphany. Why am I working out there? I don't really like it or love it. Some classes I don't feel are challenging enough - others I'm not happy in them...so I'm not challenging myself enough. I'll spend this week off working on some Zumba routines for class.

Another six week challenge starts on the 20th, I can't wait! If it was closer to home and a bit cheaper I would keep working out there all year round. I had decided to sign up for another 3 months once I am done...But, I will do this challenge and then get back to working out at the 24hours - adding variety by walking in the park and training to run in a few 5ks. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! (Welcome new followers!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss and great job with your workouts.

MissHaneefa said...

Way to go! Sounds like you are in way better spirits. I think that you need to lose that pole dancing place. All the best!

'Drea said...

:o, I remember suicides from my basketball days. Never was a fan but, of course, they were effective as far as conditioning.

I am becoming a fan of kettlebells though.

Kudos on the weight loss...

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

@ Ebbs - Thank you!

@ MHF - Thank you! What took me so long to figure it out about the pole dancing place? :) Wishing you a great week!

@ Drea - the first couple I thought of it nostalgically...I too had to run those in Elementary/Jr. High Basketball Practice. But, shortly the nostalgia wore off. I'm really liking with KB too. I was a little to afraid to try them on my own...but love trying them in class. I saw your post about Turkish Getups the other day and thought...Hey, I've done that!