Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bringing in the Pros: Working with a Dietitian

Today, I met with a dietitian.

Not my old dietitian, but the one that took her place.


I wanted to work with my old dietitian but since having her baby and launching her own business she has been hard to reach.

I researched a few other dieititans...reached out to 2 (wasn't overly impressed with our interactions)...but, finally called the new dietitian replacing my old favorite and we chatted for a bit and I decided that I would give working with her a try.

Well, today was our first meeting. We had a GREAT meeting. I never felt rushed and I felt like she really wanted to succeed. She was sooo understanding. Had even gone through a ("significant") weight gain and loss experience too.

She is customizing a program just for me!

There is no way I would have lost the 30 pounds the way I did - nutrionally balanced, "well" fed, and healthy - w/o working with my old dietitian.

It's clear that I am in different phase of weight maintenance and I need to make some tweaks. I have also set up an appointment for my old trainer to work up a workout plan that I can follow on my own...I need to make some changes to my workout routine as well.

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