Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Bullies

"There were 8 of them that bullied me. I tried to avoid them, not to notice them. They say if you ignore a bully they will go away…not always so. They reduced me to tears, haunted me, called me names, reminded me of my imperfections & lack of self-control.

They called me fat! I asked friends to help me, “what I should do?” But they never saw them. Some of my friends even questioned if they were really there. “Are you serious?” I would cry out! They are there; bullies never want to be seen so they hide themselves very well. I began hiding in my house rather than going out & encountering them in public. I allowed them to steal my joy, my happiness & my self-love.

There are 8 of them and 1 by 1 I’m fighting them off. The “8 pounds” that bullied me."

~Shirley Raines of Black Women DO Workout

****************I love this quote!!! I too have eight bullies to get rid of. I am 141.8 lbs. 5 pounds over the highest weight in my safe zone and 8 pounds from my the weight that I feel and look good at and is maintainable with reasonable eating and amount of exercise*****************

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