Friday, April 20, 2012

Sporty Afros

I stumbled upon this blog several weeks ago written by Alexandria and Whitney and just love it! The blog is about all things health! Specifically, they discuss fitness and hair care for black women.

I've been 'natural' for about 9 months now. Not necessarily on purpose, but, nevertheless I am. I'm wearing my hair straightened. Although, I had contemplated going natural before I stumbled into it - at this time in my life I'm not really interested in taking the plunge. I was going to get a perm last I finally got to a point where I felt like it was getting too much to manage when I realized that I'm just 3 months from it being a year. (I mean that's an accomplishment in and of its self, right ?) So, I'm gonna try to rock this thing for a year.

I'm now at a point where I am almost starting to think twice about certain workouts. I've never really worried about that before. I just got for it in my workouts...A healthy body will lead to happy healthy hair..I am convinced of it. You just have to figure out what works best for you (as far as the intensity and frequency of your workout AND the routine and products for your hair). I've certainly had some not so great hair days...But, I've had more days where I do like my hair (and my body too for that matter).

I wish hair didn't have to be an obstacle for so many black woman - especially in terms of fitness. I love that Whitney and Alexandria are working at creating solutions to help.


Kimberly said...

I've been natural for almost 3 years now and love it! Especially when I embrace the curls and don't try to straighten it. When it is straight, I know my workouts and more frequent showers will leave me looking frizzy. I will definitely be heading over to their blog to check it out. I am obsessed with natural hair blogs.

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I think natural hair blogs are soo interesting too! I really like their page....